Notes From Fans

Tuesday, September 08, 2009
Hi Terry and Kay,
Judy and I really enjoyed your show at the Stark Co. Fair.
I appreciate the time both of you took to talk with me and also it was nice
to chat with Boyd for awhile…..all of you folks are a class act.
Terry you had a superb performance and Kay, super job with the sound and all
of he things you do behind the scenes.

I will continue to look at your web site in hopes to catch another concert
when you get in the area.

Continued success and God Bless you both,

Ed & Judy Wilson

Saturday, September 05, 2009
Subject: noble co. fair caldwell oh.

Hi! Johnny Saw your show last night. Been spreading the word how good you are. Also about your band.
I was impressed with the starting time. Most artist never start there show’s on time.Hope you preform for a long time.

Ward Woodyard Little Hocking, Oh.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Subject: Fox Cities PAC Appleton,Wi

Last time you were here I was working the back door security. This time I am going to Volunteer and get to see your show.My copy of ‘The Man in Black’ is nearly worn out. Even my wife has taken a liking to it. When we volunteer most of us get to see the entire show. A few see almost all less the first ten minutes.Some do not see it at all. It is a chance we take.Certainly would like to see you again.You fill all my memories of Johnny Cash to the fullest.I will try to meet you although volunteers are not normally allowed to meet the performers particularly backstage.

Your fans;
Don and Mary Fulcer
Saturday, August 15, 2009
Subject: concert dates

Hi Terry my husband John and I saw you at Nottingham, England last year doing your Johnny Cash show. We really enjoyed it. You did an amazing job. We was wondering when you would be returning to England as we would love to come and see you again. We are thinking of going to New York early next year do you do your show there? I have been on your website so I will continue to check it out for future concert dates. Thanks for such a great show hope to see you again.

Melanie and John Bowes, Newark, Nottinghamshire, England.

Friday, August 14, 2009
Subject: Super performance!!
Please tell Terry I really enjoyed his performance last night as I always do.
It was very nice of you to let me say hello to Terry before the concert.
Being a frustrated guitar picker (but having lots of fun in spite of my lack
of talent)
I can appreciate all of the extremely hard work both of you have put into to
hone your God given skills.
I always enjoy saying hi to Terry because he always makes me feel like I am
his number one fan (which my wife and I both claim that title).
He is genuine, that’s what makes his lyrics and his melodies put you in the
I have always been a big Kristofferson fan because of his story telling, I
would put the Blame It On Hank album in that same category.It is an awesome
cd..thank you for making it.
I wish you both continued success and I will see you at the Stark Co. fair.

God Bless you and yours,

Ed Wilson
Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Subject: braxton county fair

hi terry, i just wanted to say that i was truely impressed with your show. i’ve never been to a johnny cash show but i am a big fan. while sitting at your show in flatwoods w.v. i was in shear amazment. i felt that i was at a johnny cash concert! you really nailed it and when i talked to you afterwards i was even more impressed. it was worth the two hundred mile drive and the delay. you keep up the great work you are doing and we will be at one of your shows in october.

Saturday, August 08, 2009
Subject: Re:
Hi Kay and Terry:

Wow, it sounds great and the motion capture is excellent!!! Way to go Terry!! Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying a wonderful summer. Hopefully we will see you again before too long! Take care,

Janet (and Joan)

P.S. Please pass along a hi from us to the guys in the band. Thanks!
Subject: Your Gettysburg Guide
Hi Terry
I really enjoyed our time on the battlefield. I listened to some of your CD on my way home. You really are good. Your band is great too.
My favorite is Ring of Fire. Maybe I can get to the Bloomsburg fair Sept 30 or Oct 1. I appreciated the CDs, photo, and gratuity you gave me but most of all it was a pleasure meeting you and your friends. Good luck to you and safe travels.
Deb Novotny

Wednesday, August 05, 2009
Subject: Cobleskill Fair Show – 8/3/09

Hi Terry Lee! As usual your show at the Cobleskill Fair was outstanding. We brought our 14 year old grandson, Joshua, and a 4 year old boy we babysit for, Rafi. I thought Rafi would become bored and get restless but to my surprise, he sat through your entire show and later told us he liked it! I’m attaching a few of the photos we took during and after your show. We’d love to see you play some shows closer to the Albany, NY area so we can see you more often than once a year. The Johnny Cash hat Ken wears whenever we go to one of your shows was purchased at a Johnny Cash concert in 1992. Last summer we saw his brother, Tommy Cash, perform at the Schaghticoke Fair and he said he liked the hat and tried to get Ken to part with it! As you can see, he didn’t part with it!! Hope you, your wife and the rest of the band enjoyed the chocolate pound cake I baked for you. Say Hi to the other band members and hope to see you soon.

Your fans,
Ken & Anne Blanck

Monday, July 27, 2009
Subject: Frankenmuth Show

Hi Kay-Terry..

Seen our 4th Terry Lee Goffee show last night. My wife and I loved it. Hopefully we’ll see your show again in Clio also. I wanted to congratulate Terry on his movie video he did recently. Was wondering where/when we are going to be able to view.

I’m not much of a music fan other then a die hard “Cash” fan since I was 10 years old. I am so glad someone of Terry’s talent has come on the scene. Have seen many other Johnny Cash impersonators but Terry is far and above all of them. My wife and I look forward to the Clio show.

Tom Paradiso
Saginaw, Michigan

Sunday, July 26, 2009
Subject: Frankenmuth Concert

Mr. Goffee,
Enjoyed your show in Frankenmuth MI. We had a little rain, but it was worth it! Have a great show in Clio, Mi.


Sunday, July 26, 2009
Subject: concert

We’ve got 10 people coming to the Green Bay show,
will see you there. I’ve asked about the Gospel show in the
past and know it hasn’t come to pass near us. Is it at all
possible to incorporate a couple of songs into the regular
program? Would love to here Peace In The Valley, it is
special to me. Once again I am happy to know all is going
so well for you.

Frank Kox

Friday, July 24, 2009
Subject: Plattsburgh show
Dear Mr. Goffee,

I attended your show last night and was pleasantly surprised at how good you are. That good of a performance is not good luck. You have worked your ass off and I respect a real work ethic.

Good job (applause)- David Stinson M.D. Plattsburgh.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Subject: Johnny Cash

Hi Terry Lee,
I am 71 years old and I have been a Johnny Cash fan since his beginning. You are so good that it is hard to tell if it is you or Cash. I am coming to Massillon, Ohio on 8/13 to see you. I can hardly wait. I saw Cash 5 times and hope to be able to see you a lot. Just wanted to let you know how good I think you are. I have the CD ” The man in black if gone” and I love it.

A Fan, Toni Hartley

Monday, July 13, 2009
Subject: CD’S
Hi Terry Lee,
I just wanted to tell you that I purchased two of your albums at the concert
in Lagrange and I am so happy I did.
We play both of these cds while traveling and as well at home, we really
enjoy them.
Obviously we are huge fans of your Tribute show and nobody can preserve
Johnny’s sound as well as you do but the Blame It On Hank cd shows the true
talents you possess.
We are all looking forward to seeing you in Massillon as well as at the Stark
County fair.
I have a question, does any of your songs, especially The Man In Black Is
Gone, get any airplay?
The more that I listen to the lyrics I am amazed how you were able to create
Johnny’s life on audio in approximately 3 minutes.
That song ranks up in my top 5 favorites and at the moment the other 4 have
left my memory.

May God continue to Bless you and yours.

Ed & Judy Wilson

Saturday, July 11, 2009
Subject: Central City Iowa

I just seen your show at the Linn County Fair, what a FANTASTIC show! That was the best birthday that I have ever had. I hope to see you back again next year.

Deb’s Older Brother Jerry

Monday, June 29, 2009
Subject: My hats off to you!
You definitely deserve an “atta girl” for your tireless effort to help all of
us fans to have a very enjoyable day in Lagrange. It was for a very good
cause, hats off to the Lions Club volunteers……good job!
Not only you worked to help all of the acts achieve a successful show,
somehow you always managed a smile no matter how hot and hectic your day was going….God Bless you.
I was fortunate enough to talk to Terry Lee. He is not only a great
entertainer, he is also an authentic “good ol’ boy” who made this old “good
ol’ boy” feel very welcomed. Terry invited me onto your bus and autographed
some cds for me. I thought that showed how much of a “class act” your husband
is. We are looking forward to next years event.
Congrats on your eleventh anniversary……wishing you many more years
Looking forward to seeing Terry Lee in Massillon and at the Stark County

Continued success.
God Bless, Ed Wilson

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Subject: Awesome Show in Farmington Hills

Hello Mr. Goffee,

I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome evening of entertainment tonight.
You really do a wonderful job!
We hope to see you in Frankenmuth next month!

Best regards,
Joe Pelegrino

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Subject: Your Concert at Zion UCC in Cleveland

Hi Terry,
I wanted to give you a special thanks for all the things you did for our church and this community. Your concert all by itself was a treat for all those who attended. But your unbelievable generosity in contributing your CD sales and only accepting money for your musicians was nothing short of a blessing for us. We’ve been so proud of RJ and how he has turned his life around. I have to believe that you have had a large part in helping him get himself established as a man of integrity and strength by emulating the things you do. We look forward to having you return next year to Zion and expect that it will be an even greater event once people find out just how excellent this concert was.
Our extreme gratitude and God’s richest blessings,
Keith Konet
President, Zion UCC council

Subject: Your Concert at Zion UCC in Cleveland
Hi Terry,
I wanted to give you a special thanks for all the things you did for our church and this community. Your concert all by itself was a treat for all those who attended. But your unbelievable generosity in contributing your CD sales and only accepting money for your musicians was nothing short of a blessing for us. We’ve been so proud of RJ and how he has turned his life around. I have to believe that you have had a large part in helping him get himself established as a man of integrity and strength by emulating the things you do. We look forward to having you return next year to Zion and expect that it will be an even greater event once people find out just how excellent this concert was.
Our extreme gratitude and God’s richest blessings,
Keith Konet
President, Zion UCC council
Sunday, May 24, 2009
Subject: Johnny Cash Song Request For Farmington Hills, MI Event

Hi Terry,

I saw that you’re playing in Farmington Hills, MI on June 23, 2009. I’ve seen you in the past and your shows are great.

Our 2.5 year old son Aidan loves the Johnny Cash song “The Legend Of John Henry’s Hammer” from the Live At Folsom Prison album. When the song is on he grabs his little toy hammer and swings it to the rhythm; its really cute. By chance is that in your song lineup? If not, could we request that for when you’re in Farmington Hills, MI?

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you there this summer!

Matt Hawkins
Farmington Hills, Michigan

Friday, May 22, 2009
Subject: Terry Lee To Be In An Irish Documentary Of Country Legends

Hi Kay…Just a few minutes ago I was telling my son about Guitar Hero 5 because his 13 year old son plays the guitar and has some of the earlier versions. I confess I do not know much about them but I am forwarding both messages to friends…….How excited you both must be about all if this and I cannot wait to see this documentary. Please let me know when and where it will be shown….Many prayers and blessings…


that boy’s on a roll! congratulations and have fun!!

Dan McGuinness

Kay, That was totally awesome to see. Thank you for sharing that with me. Will this be televised?


Can’t wait to see the Irish Documentary

It will be a thrill to see Terry Lee in that Documentary. I loved Johnny Cash since the beginning of his career. My husband and I saw Terry Lee in Milwaukee,Wisconsin. Making things better yet my husband is an Irish man. Keep the music coming .

A fan of Terry Lee
Mrs Deloris Corey and Duane Corey

Wow, more congratulations your way Terry Lee!! That is awesome. I hope that if it ever becomes available for us to see that you guys will let us know so we can catch you in action. Have fun in Memphis.


Wow! Things are just taking off for you guys! Congratulations! Thank you for the updates and keep us posted. We look forward to working with you again soon.


Thanks for the latest good news for you and Terry Lee.
With the talent God has given to Terry it is being put to good use.
God Bless both of you.
Keep it coming, we are big fans and have our Terry Lee schedule circled on our calender.
Thanks for bringing so much joy to our lives.

Ed & Judy
Saturday, May 16, 2009

Subject: Guitar Hero

Kay and Terry, I am so happy for both of you. It is time he got some more recognition for his talents. We enjoyed the evening at Mansfield University so very much. You both were so nice to meet and talk to. We wish u only the best and hope to see u again in the near future at somewhere near our home town…Congratulations, Gloria


Sure doesn’t surprise me. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve seen many Johnny Cash impersonators. Some were good, I admit, but Terry blew me out of the water!!!! I’ve told people, my friends (everyone) that if they want to see the absolute best “Johnny Cash” impersonator..see and hear Terry Lee Goffee. Last week I told my doctor, who goes to summer concerts, to be sure to go in July to the Frankenmuth one featuring your husband. Terry is truly amazing. And after meeting him and yourself I am even more impressed. Your both a great couple. I know you won’t remember me, but I talked to you last year in Frankenmuth and the both of you together at a concert you had 90 miles from our home..the same summer. My wife and I truly look forward to your concert in Frankenmuth this July.

Tom Paradiso – Saginaw, Michigan

WOW! How exciting! That is so awesome, Congratulations. They certainly picked the right person for the job. Thanks for sharing that with us. Steve and Teresa LaFountain, Norwalk Main Street Theatre. (We are looking forward to having Terry back in November!)

Gull Road Cinema 5

Your Aug. 29 concert in Conneaut is the talk of the town.
See you then!
Connie Smith

YES! Kay, we’re thrilled to know Terry Lee has this wonderful and exciting opportunity to prove his professional abilities in song and impersonation (only if it’s just the movements they’re after right now). You got to start somewhere, and this is definitely his big chance to show his true gift as a vocalist with style. (He just might be on the stairway to stardom!) Congrats to both you and Terry Lee on his acknowledgement and recognition as a music professional with Neversoft Entertainment!!

Bob & Rosie McDowell, friends & fans…


Sandusky, OH

Hi Kay and Terry,

Wow, that’s wonderful!!! We all know Terry is the absolute best Johnny Cash Tribute Artist out there!! I hope he will still talk to us after becoming a big star in the video game world!!! Ha! Ha! Did he have fun wearing the motion capture suit? I know “Guitar Hero” is a huge, huge video success, so even though he is world renown, this can’t hurt his popularity. Joan and I wish him much more success with his tribute show. All the best to you guys. Keep in touch!! Sincerely, Janet (and Joan) P.S. Hope your weather is being nice to you these days. As I type this this morning we have a huge thunder storm approaching. It is beautiful and a little scary at the same time. Very, very dark clouds and I can hear the thunder!! Cool! EEEKKK, there’s the lightning so I’m getting off the computer now. Have a wonderful weekend!

HI Kay and Terry,
Congratulations….this is awesome.

all my kids have guitar hero….so guess what they will get for Christmas….yay this could not happen to a nicer person…

love you both, Billy
Subject: Re:

Kay……… Thank you for this info..How thrilling this must be for Terry Lee…Please if you have the time in the future, let us know when you will be in our area again. I would like to bring friends to the next show. It is so much fun…Good luck and many blessings…Joyce

Monday, May 11, 2009
Subject: My Kind Of Music

Dear Mr. Goffee,
I was so thrilled to find you and your wonderful interpretations of
Johnny Cash music. I wish you great success and future prosperity as you
continue to push the music of the “Man In Black”. He was certainly one I
also grew up with and I have been loyal fan for over 50 years. Could I
please ask you for a autographed photo of you so I may have it framed and
kept in my office in my home? I sincerely thank you in advance for the
photo. May God continue to bless your voice and continued successes. I
would love to see your show come to Houston some time in the near future.
We have a House of Blues here also. If I could have the opportunity to
meet you in person it would be a tremendous thrill cause as a boy, I had
the oportunityto meet Cash here in Houston. If you can send a photo
please send it to me.
Thank You,
Jack Hinton
Houston, Texas
Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Subject: Hello

Loved you Terry in upstate NY

Mike & Karen Ritenour
Subject: Show at Williamstown High School

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your performance at Williamstown High School on Saturday. It was the first time I’ve seen you but hopefully it won’t be the last. Your performance left me speechless, and if you knew me you’d know how hard that is to believe! I always loved Johnny Cash and when you came out on stage and started to sing I couldn’t even move or take my eyes off you. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent with all of us. Please come back to our neck of the woods again soon!

Thank you and much happiness to you!

Mary Ann Morelli
Sunday, April 26, 2009
Subject: Good Job!

We just saw your performance last night at the Williamstown H.S. and we all thought you were excellent. I liked your singing and also your style. You have a calmness about you that is very nice. Also my niece posed for a picture with you and she has Down’s Syndrome, it is not always easy to understand what she is saying. But you were very attentive and nice to her. I was very impressed with your patience. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I am ordering your cd as a reminder of a great night.

Sincerely, Patty Nace

Friday, April 24, 2009

Subject: Great show

I just came from your show at Mansfield University, Mansfield PA. Great show, Terry ! An honorable tribute to Johnny Cash. I really enjoyed all the songs. Your voice and gestures make us feel we are listening to the “Man in Black” himself ! ( except actually, you have a better singing voice, I think). I’m going to order CDs.

Thank you for coming to the hills of Pennsylvania !

Daisy Case

Monday, April 20, 2009
Subject: touring stone

Terry, I never was so impressd as I was meeting you for the first time and hearing you sing at Turing Stone on April 10th. I was there with the Fairlie’s, Gary and Glenn. Since they first saw you at the Bloomburg Fair they have not stopped talking about you and how much you sound just like Johnny Cash.I was really taken back when you came out on that stage and started singing.You not only sound just like him but you look like him to.I will be at all your concerts that are anywhere close to where I live.I will be with Gary and Glenn so I know you will be seeing me again. Take care and looking forward to your next concert in my area.

Linda Fairlie
Subject: Good Morning,

Mr Goffee,

I was wondering if you’re doing any photo ops on Saturday the 25th? I’ve always been a Johhny Cash fan, but the suprise is when my now 8 and 4 year old started singing along. Elissa, my youngest’s favorite song is Ring of Fire and sings it to everyone she possibly can (or at least as much of it as she can remember under pressure). I bought the tickets for them as a suprise, and they have no idea right now we’re coming to see you and I know they’ll be very excited. I’ve shown them Youtube videos, explaining how Johnny Cash passed on, but that I would take them to see you whenever you got close to the East Coast. If for some reason we don’t catch you this time, we’ll keep watching for you’re return, and we’re looking forward to seeing you perform.

Thank you,

Michael Paranich,
Waste Management
Central Dispatch South New Jersey
Roll Off Dispatcher
Trenton & Matawan Districts
Sunday, April 19, 2009

Subject: Upper Darby High School – Performing Arts Center Show

Hi Terry Lee. We certainly enjoyed your show on 4/18. Thank you for bringing the memories home! You do a real fine job. It must have taken you years perfect the likeness of Johnny Cash that you bring to the stage. It was a very entertaining show.

All the best to you on your tour and tribute to The Man In Black now and in the future.


Bill & Cindy Gill

Lansdowne, PA
Sunday, April 12, 2009
Subject: u are terrific terry,

it was so great standing next to you and having my picture taken with you. more like an honor. we were the first in line. my girlfriend asking if you remembered us from last year, and you replying yes. you have so many people you come into contact with. i just wanted to say, i am such a great big fan of yours. your wife was so pleasant to my girlfriend and myself.

terry, u still got it, last year we saw you and we fell for you then also. next year, we bring more people with us then five.

luv you terry

Subject: Last Night’s Show

Dear John R. Cash….er Terry….

I was blown away. You did the Man justice. Ghost Riders tune….SPOT ON! {As was the whole show} I really enjoyed your show. Your tribute song was great. I had to get home {baby sitter} Ran by you in the lobby. If possible I’d really appreciate a signed photo.

Thanks so much, your new fan.

Lance Anderson
19 King St
Uxbridge, Ma 01569

Just a note to let you know was at your show last night in Woonsocket, was great THANK YOU,


Corinne from RI

Apr 9, 2009

Subject: Saturday nite’s show at the Stadium Theatre

Hi Terry!!!

Have heard soooooo much about you and your Tribute to Johnny Cash show. Can’t wait for Saturday nite! Your website is great…looking forward to a nite of fantastic entertainment!

Larry & Donna Davis

Dan & Kathy Mattia

Scott & Jesse Daggett

Greg & Ann Marie Farrell

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Subject: uk tours

Hi Terry

Just a short message to say what a great show you and your band gave at the Assembly hall in Royal Tunbridge Wells Kent. uk. My wife Barbara and i could not belive it was not Johnny himself on stage. Please return soon. Wishing you and your loved ones all the very very best.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Subject: RE: Tour dates


Thank you for your quick response and the info on your shows. My family plans on seeing as many of Terry’s shows and I am looking forward to hearing Terry’s songs. He is a very talented entertainer and is a lot of fun to watch. He makes the audience feel like we are part of the experience. Being a frustrated guitar picker ( I use that term very loosely) I can appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to walk on that stage and perform. Talent on loan from God, to take a line from Rush Limbaugh, helps too.

You and Terry keep walking the line.

Hope to see you and Terry soon.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Subject: Tour dates


I am glad you are getting back to Ohio and in particular Painesville and LaGrange. I have been telling my son how much I enjoyed your show when you were at the Stark County Fair last year and I wanted him to also have the same experience because he is a big Johnny Cash fan. I am sure after he watches your show he will become a bigger Terry Lee Goffee fan. How do I get info to the Painsville show and this will be our first trip to LaGrange, any tips to make sure we don’t miss anything? Also, will you be doing a show at Stark Fair, I noticed you do not list that date on your schedule as of now. I am really looking forward to enjoying your many talents.

I wish you continued success and may God Bless you and yours.

Ed Wilson

February 27, 2009

Subject: A very good show!! :o)

Hello Mr Goffee,

I came to see you in Nottingham, England on 26th February with my boyfriend, sister and her husband. and I just wanted say how brilliant we all think you are! We all enjoyed the show so much!

As I am only 28, you are the nearest I will ever get to seeing the great Johnny Cash. I was obviously too young to see him when he was a live. I am so happy to see the worlds best Johnny Cash tribute act, he would be so proud of you I am sure.

Thank you for giving us a great night….I really hope you will come back to England in the future, I would love to come and see you perform again.

Keep up the great work! You brought a dream of mine alive, to hear Johnny Cash’s music played live.

Thank you
Jax and Pete, Nottingham, England.

Subject: last night show

thank for a very good show last night in nottingham be glad to have you back am the guy with the johnny cash t shirt with the man in black on thr front cheers terry


Subject: nottingham show

hi, my name is Becky, me, my partner and my dad came to watch you in Nottingham last night and i just wanted to let you know we thought you were absolutely fantastic!!! what a great performance!! a brilliant tribute to johnny cash, the man himself would be proud!

Rebecca Ellis
February 26, 2009

Subject: Nottingham

Thank you for a great night of songs from Johhny Cash tonight in Nottingham.

It is good to know that you are continuing the sound, and you have recreated it well.


Subject: Alex Theatre Birmingham

Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you, that was a great performance and a very enjoyable evening.

Dan Harkin
Subject: Birmingham Alexander Theatre

Terry, we were at your show at the Alexander theatre , Birmingham last night and we were amazed!

We are Terry Lee Goffee fans for life!!! Your tribute to Johnny Cash was exceptional and you captured him and his sound exactly.

Your voice is amazing and we enjoyed every superb minute! Can’t wait until you come this way again!

Kind regards,

Eve Harkin

February 25, 2009

Subject: Tunbridge Wells Show


I saw your show last and truely believed I was watching Johnny Cash – you made the man himself come back to life – brilliant!!!!!

Thank you for a very enjoyable evening.

Very best wishes to you
kind regards

February 23, 2009

Subject: Re: Cork Opera House

Hi all,

thanks again for a great night.

My wife Hilda seems to have a problem with her photos, so if you could email some to me at this email address I will try to post them on the JC site, and on our own site too if that’s ok with you.

I put a few words on the JC site, and will add more later.

Take care, regards to Kay,

Finbarr Winters.

February 22, 2009

Subject: Feel “FULFILLED” after Roscommon, Feb 12th ’09

Dear Terry Lee

We so, so enjoyed your show last Thursday (12th Feb) at the Arts Centre, Roscommon. I was the one (dressed in black, of course!) who said that “I’d always wanted to see Johnny Cash, but never had the chance; and seeing you completely filled that gap in my life”. We were almost at the end of the queue. I have the long hair, and after my photo’ with you, I asked for you to have your photo’ with my husband (Len) holding the CD’s. Then, when everyone had gone, I came back in for the CD’s signing; and we chatted about you going into Gospel etc. I can really imagine you doing that. I suppose the trait is because I think of JC’s way along that line. Were you a Billy Graham type of preacher, I wonder?

Have we ascertained a good enough jolt of memory for you to know who is talking to you? It’s hard to remember such a “sea of faces”, with your busy schedule.

Do you remember the advert from years ago “bridge that gap with Cadbury’s snack”? WELL, I substitute that to be “bridge that gap, with the Man in Black”

I’ll send this e-mail on first (in case your machine does not accept attachments) ~ though reading other fan mail it would appear it does.

Anyway, after that I’ll also try to send the photo’s.

At the concert, I was going to put on my camera at the beginning to record (what I presumed you would do) ~ “hello, I’m Johnny Cash”. Anyway, Len thought it would be in bad taste, as the camera back-lighting would spoil enjoyment of other people. (I agreed with those comments; but I really did want that little bit of footage). This is a BIG ASK ~ but is there any way you would have anything recorded from a show (with that opening) that you could send, please? It would be a lovely remembrance.

HOPEFULLY, if “yes”, contact details are: June & Len Fitch, Moher, Ballyleague, (Near Lanesborough), County Roscommon, Republic of Ireland.

Naturally, I would cover any costs of such.

At the concert, it was a good idea the way you personalized some songs to fit the place ~ like “Folsom Prison” ~ I shot a man in (Reno) Roscommon, etc.

And everytime I hear “Daddy Sang Base” I will remember my part of “Momma sang tenor” ~ and it will always take me back to that lovely evening.

Your “Tribute Song” to JC is just PERFECT. Absolutely fabulous.

The narrative was an excellent idea. In character, you said “I don’t wear tight pants, but I know over a 1,000 songs”. I bet YOU know most of them as well. In fact, we’d imagine that’s how you’d refresh the show, for a second time around. Reading fan mail, is Kay your wife? Does she ever play the part of June Carter-Cash?

I’m so glad we bought both CD’s, because it’s good to hear you in the different modes. In fact yesterday Len put on a JC disc. After the first one, another played.

I actually thought it was a second CD of a set ~ but no, it was you! Len says you sound more like JC that Johnny himself !!!!!

We’ve recommended you to everyone we spoke to since that evening.

Finally, we see you are going over to UK next week. (You seem to have a “free day” Monday, so perhaps you’ll pick up e-mails).

We wonder whether you manage to be able to give that “personal touch” over there, at larger venues. We’ve only been living in Ireland ourselves for three years, and it’s so nice here to be able to meet the artist after the shows.

Anyway, we wish you every happiness, and a very safe journey back to the States.

Thank you for reading this, and I will HOPE for a little bit of the opening to a show.

God Bless

From June Fitch (&, of course, Len)

February 12, 2009

Subject: Milwaukk,Wisconsin

When will you be coming back. Loved your performance at the Potawatomi Casino. When I closed my eyes I could almost see Johnny.You were sensational I am 79years young and have been a Johnny Cash fan from the beginning of his career.

Thank you for a fine performance.

Deloris Olson-Corey

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Subject: Hope Ridge Concord/Mentor Ohio

Hello Terry,

This is my first ever fan letter. I met you on Friday at Hope Ridge Methodist Church. I am the tall lady with the spiky hair that asked if you ever felt Cash’s hand on your shoulder and I also asked if you had auditioned for Walk The Line. Our little party of four enjoyed the show so much that I am trying to get tickets for your Cambridge show in May. I am waiting for a return call from the auditorium there…You made the hair stand up on the back of my neck son. Let me tell you what that means to me; I directed Christian theater for several years and our group did two musicals based on the works of Ray Boltz. My singers knew that when the hair on the back of my neck stood up, they had hit their mark. I’ve lived quite sometime and it is always a joy to meet someone that is doing exactly what they were meant to do. I hope to experience your music again soon..

Joyce Bishop Morris

January 24, 2009 3:45 PM

Subject: Great performance!

saw you last night in Mentor for the Gospel Train concert. It was great!. Just wanted to encourage your agent to look into KENT STAGE in Kent, OH.

Anna Lee Heinl


Hi Terry—what a fantastic evening at Hope Ridge!! It was more enjoyable sitting inside than dodging raindrops (& buckets of rain) at

Albion Fair. I’m the little 4’9″ granny that talked to you about the benefit food pantry concerts in Conneaut. This is something I recently started, with the first one last Nov.

April 25, southern gospel singer Mitchel Jon from Nashville will be here. In Oct I have

2 soloists & a southern gospel quartet booked for a 4-hr concert. I will be contacting your

agent to see about having you come in the spring of 2010. Your performance reflects the dedication you have for Johnny Cash.

God bless you, your family & band & may He

keep you safe in your travels.

Connie Smith

January 18, 2009

Subject: Terry Lee’s “Johnny Cash Tribute Show”, Waterford Ireland.

Hi Kay & Terry Lee,

My Father, myself & our partners went to your show in the Forum, Waterford last year & you blew us away!!!!! Dad’s been a lifelong Cash fan & I was raised on the Great Man’s music, and I can tell you we’ve never heard or seen anyone else nail him like you do!

We were delighted to buy your double CD after theShow (which we’ve played to death this last year!!!), and thought it was really good of you to take the time to meet the fans & sign pictures.

We were thrilled when we heard you’re doing another Irish Tour & including Waterford again. It’s going to be an extra special night for us this year as Dad celebrates his 70th birthday on the 12th of Feb., & we got him his ticket as part of his birthday present!

I would like to ask your permission to film the show on the night as a permanent memento for Dad on his 70th. We will be first in the door, like last year, in order to get the same seats i.e. front row, centre!!!! My partner Mike uses a small camcorder which is very unobtrusive & will in no way interfere with the show. We can assure you that this would be purely for our pleasure & not for any third party.

Mike has asked me to say that if you allow him to do this, he would of course be more than happy to send you a copy if you wished. If you’re not happy for us to do this, that’s okay, we’ll still be fans!!

Awaiting your reply,

Kind regards,
Teresa Butler & Mike Roden.

January 15, 2009 12:07 PM

Subject: Marshfield

Mr. Goffee,

I was at your show in Marshfield, WI on January 8th, 2009. I am a big fan of Johnny Cash. I was part of the rowdy crowd and the one you posed for while you were on stage. My mom was so excited to see you, she even cried. She said that when she closed her eyes and listened to you she said she it sounded just like Johnny Cash. I’m pretty sure I’m going to see you again when you are in Appleton, WI. Every place I go people are always asking me how the Johnny Cash show was and I can’t tell them how great it was. Going to your show with my mom and my sister will forever be one of the greatest memories I will have. Thank you for giving me that memory.

Attached to this e-mail is the picture you took with me, my mom and my sister.

From left to right, my mom Judy McCrossen, Me, You, and my sister Gladys McCrossen

Thank you again for giving me one of my best memories,

Francina McCrossen

Friday, January 09, 2009

Subject: Great show

Hello Terry,

My wife and I would like to thank you for the wonderful show that you performed. We came to see you at the Marshfield Senior High auditorium on Jan 9th. I am 36 years young and my wife is 33 years young. I have been a Cash fan since I was in high school and you know as well as I do that most of the younger generation does not appreciate good old country music, Johnny Cash and what he did for country music. I was absolutely amazed with your show, how genuine you are, how you and the band shadow Johnny Cash and the sound of your voice, I thought I was seated in front of the legend himself. Thanks to you, from this day on I will have a better understanding and a deeper appreciation for this Man than I did before. Great thing we sat in the front row and not in the back. We hope to see you back soon.

Thank you again for the great show,

Travis and Trina Moen

Mr. Goffee,

I was at your show last night in Marshfield, WI and it was the best thing I have ever seen. I was part of the “rowdy crowd” and had our picture taken with you. I thought my mom was going to faint! When I got back to work I couldn’t stop talking about it. My girlfriend and I went on your website and seen that you were going to be Appleton, WI on March 8th. She called right away and ordered tickets for herself and her husband. I know they won’t be let down.

You are an inspiration to all Johnny Cash fans.

Thank you so much for keeping the memories alive!!

Gladys McCrossen

Jan.9, 2009
Mr. Goffee,

I was at your show last night in Marshfield, WI and it was the best thing I have ever seen. I was part of the “rowdy crowd” and had our picture taken with you. I thought my mom was going to faint! When I got back to work I couldn’t stop talking about it. My girlfriend and I went on your website and seen that you were going to be Appleton, WI on March 8th. She called right away and ordered tickets for herself and her husband. I know they won’t be let down.

You are an inspiration to all Johnny Cash fans.

Thank you so much for keeping the memories alive!!

Hello Terry,

My wife and I would like to thank you for the wonderful show that you performed. We came to see you at the Marshfield Senior High auditorium on Jan 9th. I am 36 years young and my wife is 33 years young. I have been a Cash fan since I was in high school and you know as well as I do that most of the younger generation does not appreciate good old country music, Johnny Cash and what he did for country music. I was absolutely amazed with your show, how genuine you are, how you and the band shadow Johnny Cash and the sound of your voice, I thought I was seated in front of the legend himself. Thanks to you, from this day on I will have a better understanding and a deeper appreciation for this Man than I did before. Great thing we sat in the front row and not in the back. We hope to see you back soon.

Thank you again for the great show,

Travis and Trina Moen

January 07, 2009

Subject: Ireland Tour

Hi Terry,

just a quick email to say we’re really looking forward to your first performance in your Irish tour. Just bought the tickets as an early Valentines night for my man Martin (huge Mr Cash fan) and myself (just as big a fan).

Look forward to seeing your show in Blanchardstown, Co Dublin

Kind Regards,


Dec. 22,2008
TerryLee, PLEASE come back to Kansas City! I caught your show last year, you were fantastic and I want the opportunity to grab some of my friends and get them to see you perform.

Merry Christmas,

Tom Kaminski

November 25, 2008

Hi Terry,

By looking at your busy schedule I feel fortunate that you’d take the time to actually answer my email. I notice you will be spending some time in Ireland next year, one of my favorite countries.

And… I see you will be back in Wisconsin in 2009, so we will make it a priority to get to one or more of your shows. We really appreciate the offer of attending as your guests, but we’d be more than happy to pay the full price for the best seats in the house. However, if you are able to allow us to meet you and the band at some point after the show, we’d be honored and count it a privilege.

I’ve gotten to know Bill Miller a bit though a couple of purchases I’ve made and an email or two from him through I’ve also just read the book he wrote on his experiences of getting to know Johnny personally… quite a story. And, I just purchased and am reading the book John Carter Cash wrote by the name of June Carter Cash – Anchored In LOVE.

I will email you when we can coordinate with you at some point for a seat at your show… who knows, it may even be in Ireland .

You take care, and keep those wheels a turnin’. If you ever have a moment, I’d love to hear more about your bus… I can’t remember exactly, but it appears yours is very close if not the exact make, model, year and style of the one we saw that night when we heard Johnny so many years ago.


November 16, 2008

Terry Lee,

I attended your show in Kingston, N.Y. I must say that It was outstanding. I have seen Johnny Cash live and must say that, at your show, I felt like I was watching him all over again. He would be proud of you and you make his fans proud. Keep up the Great Work!!!!! Also, the song that you wrote was in my opinion, the greatest tribute song to Johnny, that was ever made. I hope to see you again one day.


(One of your fans)

Laura Jones

November 07, 2008 Hi Terry. As usual you put on a great show. I just got my new computer (I received it as a retirement gift) connected to the internet and have figured out how to download photos from my camera. I’m sending you a couple of photos – one of my husband and a friend of ours with you and one of our grandson with you, wearing his Terry Lee Goffee shirt that we bought that day before the show. I see you’re already booked to play at the Cobleskill Fair again for 8/09 so you can be sure we’ll be there. Labor Day weekend we were fortunate to see Tommy Cash do a couple of shows at the Schaghticoke Fair. He put on two great shows and we got to talk with him after the show and get some photos. Hope you have a wonderful birthday on Saturday.

Your fans,

Ken & Anne Blanck
November 1, 2008
Hello Terry, Just to let you know we saw your show last night at the Weidner in Green Bay and one word describes it—-AWESOME. We’d still be there if you were singing.

We loved the various songs you chose—I Walk the Line, Ira Hayes, Tennessee Flat Top Box, Sunday Morning Comin’ Down, Ring of Fire, Hurt—spanning generations and performed perfectly. It was Halloween yesterday and we all agree, your show was quite a wonderful treat and the real trick was making it all look so natural. Come back again, please. Green Bay welcomes you and your fantastic band.

Fans from Wisconsin

October 27, 2008
Dear terry,
I absolutely love you.
I went to the stadium in Woonsocket for 2008,and as u came out we were the first persons that u shook our hands. Anyways, I go to sleep everynight listening to your voice on my cd player. Your voice is so soothing to my ears. I cannot wait till u return back to the stadium theater in woonsocketagain. I brought my friend with me. You are so much worth listening to and seeing your performance.
I would like to know when you will be coming back to Woonsocket in 2009 again? This time, I am bringing a bigger audience with me.
Again, I miss seeing you.

Your fan,
joan smiley
October 24, 2008
Just dropping in to say that Joan was very successful this morning in her purchase of our tickets for your show in April at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY. We will literally be at your feet Terry! I see from your schedule that you are in Kingston, NY tonight. Actually, you are probably already finished your show by now given the time of night it is. I have no doubt that the crowd was absolutely thrilled with your performance. We look forward to our next chance to catch your show. In the meantime, we wish you all safe travels over the next few months and we will see you in April. Janet
October 13, 2008
I was on your web site looking for the next time you will be performing close to Canton Ohio again.
I was very impressed with not only your very respectful tribute to Johnny but also your overall performance.
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your entire show and we hope we are able to see more of you in the future.
“The Man In Black Is Gone” That song touched my heart and shows the God given talent you have…….Bravo!!!
You can’t see me but I am giving you a standing ovation on that one.
May God give you many more years for you to pay tribute “To the Man In Black”.

God Bless,
Ed Wilson
October 10, 2008 6:29 PM
Hello Kay and Terry:

Janet from Canada dropping in to say hi. I hope you will remember my sister, Joan, and I from the fair in Bloomsburg. We were the “Canadian Contingent” in the crowd. We also joined you for a brief chat on Sat. morning while you were just finishing breakfast. What an awesome time we had at the fair and loved seeing your tribute to Johnny Cash. The reason for this e-mail is that I see from your home page that you are playing the Turning Stone Casino and Resort in Verona, N.Y. on Friday, April 10, 2009. We only live about 2.5 hours away and are seriously hoping to make it to your show!! 😉 What we wanted to know is if you have any idea when the tickets would go on sale? It isn’t even on the Casino’s web site yet, and I am checking daily to see if the date comes on soon. If you can give us any idea or let us know for sure when tickets go on sale, then we would definitely get as close to front row center as possible.

Joan and I are still talking about the fair and all of the awesome entertainment. We will look forward to catching up with you guys in Verona, N.Y. if we manage to get tickets. Take care. Talk to you soon, hopefully.

Janet and Joan

P.S. Absolutely loved listening to your CD on our return home from the fair. “The Man in Black is Gone” is my FAVOURITE!!
October 07, 2008
” We loved the concert last nite at The Villages”
Dear Terry Lee and Kay:
It was so nice to see you again, Terry Lee. The concert was fabulous and it was so
great to be in the audience instead of standing in the wings like I did at your last concert.
Phil was blown away again this year with your concert and he bought The Man in Black
Is Gone CD….its been playing all day!

Looking forward to seeing you again at your next gig at The Villages.

Best wishes. Phil and Del Paden

Sept 17, 2008
Just a quick note Terry to say it was a pleasure to meet you, and, your
web page says alot about you as a performer …..cooooool.
If you get a chance check out our page at and if you are ever in Thunder Bay
Ont you should give us a call.
Take care and be well
Steve Clark

Sept 16, 2008

Dear Terry,

Fantastic Show the night you played in Mallow (Ireland). Pity about the weather that night.

Any plans to play in Mallow Again, have a few friends who wanna see the show for the first time.

Hope to see the show again soon



Sept 14, 2008
I saw you at the house of Blues in Dallas. When are you coming back to Dallas? I want to take everyone I know to see the show.
I am to young to have seen Johnny Cash live, but your show is incredible.
I have to see your show again!
Let me know next time your in texas. Your show is worth the road trip!
Thanks for the memories!

Sept 13, 2008

Hi Terry!

Saw you perform this evening at Albion Fair. You &

your band do a fantastic job!!!!! Went last year, but

left because of the rain & almost didn’t go today, but

am glad the rain let up & held out for the concert.

I’m from Conneaut, O. & would like to know how much you

charge for benefit concerts? I am in the process of

co-ordinating a “Singin’ in the Kitchen” concert for our local food pantry around the

end of April. I have a 4-hr. southern gospel concert

scheduled for Oct.11, 2009, but want to do a shorter one

in the spring.

Will be watching for your reply.

Keep up the good work!

God bless you, your family & your band!

Connie Smith—aka Connie from Conneaut

Sept 2, 2008

Thank you so much for coming to our little town. We had such a good time. We enjoyed talking with you as well. Please enjoy these pictures. Lol when i figure ouot how to do this right,i will try to send some more. Good luck in all you do.

Your Fan’s,

Daryl & Dee

Sept 1, 2008
Terry and Kay,
I just wanted to say that it was wonderful meeting you over the weekend at the Travel Centers of America in Harborcreek, PA. I also wanted to say thank you so much for the CD’s and the picture. I couldn’t wait for 6 a.m. to arrive so I could listen to them on the way home. I am so hooked on your music. Your voice is incredible and the songs you write are great. I checked the tour schedule and I am going to make it a point to make it to Albion, PA since I only live about 45 minutes away. I am so wanting to see your performance after listening to the great music.

Again, it was great meeting both of you and your generosity is something I’ll never forget. You actually made my morning today. May God Bless and be safe.
Thanks again,
Cheri Carlson
August 31, 2008
Terry Lee,
I had the wonderful experience of seeing Johnny Cash’s ghost last night in Stark County of Canton, Ohio.
I am only twelve and never had the opportunity to see John or June live in concert, but seeing you was just like seeing John.

You really are a tribute, and anyone that would simply call you an impersonator does not know music.I really loved the Battle of Ira Hayes and The Long Black Veil

I especially enjoyed how you interacted with the audience and after the concert you and your band actually took the time to sign a photo I brought of you.

Again, thank you for such a wonderful time!

August 24, 2008

Hi there Terry. Wanted to email you soon as i could and thank you for the great shows you put on.

Emerson and Mike were really impressed (as was i)

What truly touched all of us was your humility…

It was a pleasure to meet you and your lovely wife..I pray all goes well with your journey home and with the new baby in the family.

If you ever venture this way again are certainly welcome in our home.

We have a beautiful spot below the mountains ..a place i could only dream about for many years.

In solitary confinement in the 1970’s i asked God to not let me die in that prison and for 1 more trip down this highway (without handcuffs)where i now live and drive ever so gratefully everyday.

I know it is a lot to ask but if we can arrange it it would be such a privilege to have you play for the boys in a Canadian Prison.

God Bless and thanx for the privilege of meeting both of you and thanx for the C.D’s which i will get into shortyl..I know i will enjoy them.

Thanx again and please keep in touch..and God Bless your family.

Ralph Tahti

August 16, 2008
Hi Kay and Terry.

I’ve deliberately taken my time in replying because no doubt it will be better to get this at home than via your Blackberry. Not that I’ve the faintest idea how blackberrys work.
The only ones I know go well with stewed apples in a pie.

Wow, that sounds like quite a tour that you’ve been on. As an ex international truck driver I can empathise. Living out of a suitcase takes a bit of getting used to. One of my pet hates are the people who seem to resent any sort of success that others have, no matter how hard it’s worked for. The ‘Aren’t you lucky?’ brigade! As someone once said, ‘the harder I work, the luckier I get’. I hope that it was a success. I shall look forward to reading about it on the website.

Thoroughly enjoyed the CDs with the Johnny Cash tribute having the edge. Terry out-Cashes Johnny! How does he get so low???? One wee question though. In Folsom, what has the man from Reno done wrong? Why doesn’t Terry want to shoot him? I wondered about that the first time around on Classic Country. It is now going to be a close run thing for overall favourite CD. The Cash album or Classic Country. I guess that has to be Classic Country on the grounds of Luchenbach Texas. Just love that number. Any plans to make a follow-up?
That’ll do for now. Take care both of you. And if this gets to you before you’re home – safe journey.

Best wishes,

Allan & Brenda

August 16, 2008
Hi Terry and Band:
Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your show on Sunday evening at Stubbs Park.
You and the band put on a great show! We enjoyed it from beginning to end. In fact, we could have sat there all night and listened to you.
We did say hello to you after the show, and you were most kind and courteous.
Please come back to see us, soon.
A fan in Centerville
July 9, 2008

Excited to find out your show will be in Frankenmuth this Sunday night. Seen your husband’s Tribute To Johnny Cash for the first time last year. Outstanding! My wife and I have been a fan of Johnny Cash since we were teenagers and that was a LONG time ago. Have seen his live concerts and can tell you Terry is the only one that can do justice to “Johnny Cash”. I could shut my eyes and would swear he was the original JC singing. Can’t wait to see the show again.

Tom Paradiso
May 15, 2008
Hi Kay/Terry,>
> Could you please let me know as soon as you know what date you’ll be doing
> Treasure Island show in Red Wing MN?
> I ‘ll be following your website as well to see Terry/band when they are
> close to Eau Claire WI, and plan on attending any shows that are close. I
> was really impressed with Terry and band, also, that the story he told
> about Johnny was factual, (he quoted several lines almost to a letter out
> of Johnnys 97 autobiography) Hope to hear them do ” I got stripes”
> sincerly, Joe Pederson
May 11. 2008
Dear Terry, Kay, and the band,
My Dad and I had a wonderful time, the concert was great like always. My Dad really enjoyed talking to you. I wish it could of lasted longer. He loves to talk with people. I will send the pics we took in a couple days when I down load them.
Thank you again, Love Laabs
May 11, 2008
Hello, I live up in North East Ohio, Chardon, I have been to a number of your shows, and request your music all the time from Alex Anthony WKKY 104.7 Ashtabula… I just wanted to share a picture of my tattoo of the greatest singers of all time… All though Cash’s music will never die, thankyou for keeping it alive and heard ! You should start a MYSPACE fan page ! Thanks, BJ Dewey
May 11, 2008
Just wanted to tell you and Terry what a Outstanding show they put on in Black River Falls WI. last night (5-9-08)
We have already made plans to attend the Treasure Island Casino show in Red Wing MN Aug 23, 08
Please tell Terry/band it would be great if they could learn to play “I got stripes”
Looking foward to seeing Terry/band again, please tell them to keep up the great work! I m sure Johnny would be proud! Best wishes, Joe Pederson

May 11, 2008
Terry –
Just wanted to drop a quick line and say THANK YOU! I was at your show at Majestic Pines Casino in Black River Falls, WI tonight (May 9). I have been a HUGE Johnny Cash fan for the past 8 years. Unfortunately, I became a fan too late to ever see him perform live……….but you have fulfilled that dream for me!

Your songs were right on, and I especially thought you KICKED on Orange Blossom Special! And the song you wrote as a dedication to Johnny was tremendous. Almost brings a tear to the eye….totally sums up the excitement he created for so many people in the past, and for many years to come. Hopefully you’ll be back in the area sometime again……I for one will be there.

Thanks again, and “Keep A Rollin’ Down to San Antone”.
Josh Seidel
La Crosse, WI
May 6, 2008
Your recent tour in Ireland
I was with my partner when on a recent visit to Wexford, Ireland we saw an ad for your show.
We had a great time there listening to you and you also stayed in the same hotel as us.
We met at breakfast in the hotel the morning after your concert and you signed your CD for me.
Just thought I would e mail you and let you know that we would love to see you back in Ireland in the future.
Take care of your self,
Marina O’Neill and Christian Roth

May 6, 2008
Hi Terry
Any plans to comeback to Ireland this year

May 1, 2008
i was at the turning stone casino to watch your show i had a chance to talk to you when you signed my picture and cd i bought i told you that i lived in tenneessee and had the chance to see johnny cash in person i want to tell you that i enjoyed your show very much and can’t wait for you to come back again i will be there to see you again i am so proud of you for the great music that you will always singand i only hope all the best in life for you hope to get a chance to talk to you again best of luck sincerely agnes milligan/

April 29, 2008
Dallas Request
Please do what you can to come back to The House Of Blues/Dallas. We had a blast the last time you were here in December and I have so many people who couldn’t make it. I have no idea how it works, you contact them or they contact you but I know we would enjoy it.
April 16, 2008

WOW! I didn’t expect to receive a reply, especially so quick! Thank you. I hope you don’t mind, but I went on “youtube” and watched some videos of you performing. I am still amazed at your voice. I was also very impressed that you actually met people and signed pictures after your performance. Not many artists do that these days!! There were young men in the audience that night and I could see they enjoyed watching and listening to you tremendously!

Do you live in Nashville now? I lived south of Nashville in Franklin for a short while. It was beautiful there! Certainly a lot different from Woonsocket-LOL!

Thank you again – safe travels on your tour!!


April 15, 2008

Kay & Terry
Oh im glad the video is a good one, I am actually living in Scotland at the moment im in University here, i was on holiday back home in Portlaoise when i seen ye, however by the time i got to see that ye had a gig in the Dunamaise theatre it had been fully booked. Hopefully i will be able to catch up to see your gig in Scotland next year!!

Thnaks for the speedy E-mail back, and keep in contact about the vidoe’s


Ronan Ging

April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008

Hi there,

My name is Ronan, i was playing the guitar in a pub in Portlaoise(Remember you came over and sang a couple of songs?Pubs name was delaneys) I am just E-mailing you to ask if you are putting up the recording you took that night of us all playing?

Best Regards

Ronan Ging

April 13, 2008

Hi Terry:

Thank you so much for the great concert last night. I have been a Johnny Cash fan since the 50’s. I was fortunate to see four Johnny Cash concerts over the years. At the concert last night I closed my eyes and I was there at another Johnny Cash concert. You sound just like him. Amazing! I also learned a few tidbits about him that I didn’t know . It was interesting to learn that June Carter wrote Ring of Fire. Both June & Johnny sang that song with so much energy. It was the first time that I heard The Man in Black is Gone and loved it. Your did a wonderful tribute to a great man. You make the sun shine a little brighter knowing that Johnny Cash lives on. Thanks again.

Helen Clagg

Mansfield, MA
March 29, 2008
Hi Boyd. Good to hear from you and I’m glad you got home safely. I was looking at the pictures of the tour on Terry’s website and they brought back many happy memories of our time on the roads of Ireland. I was telling Joe the promoter how well the gigs went and encouraging him to set up another tour as soon as possible so maybe I’ll see you back here sooner rather than later. In the meatime I am going to New York in May so I’ll keep checking Terry’s gigs in case youi will be playing anywhere close to where I will be staying. I have lots of photos of the tour and I will try and send them to you in a seperate e-mail. In the meantime take care and give my regards to everyone.
Colum Arbuckle

March 28, 2008

Hi!Terry, I emailed you back in Sept. of 2006 to tell you what a fantastic job you did at Watertown High School. I know you have an upcoming show April 25th at The Turning Stone, I plan on taking the night off and being there to cheer you on! I cant wait to see the outcome but Im sure all your many fans will be there! Hope to see you soon and God Bless to you and your family and of course your band!

March 19, 2008
Ohio Cash fan
> Mr. Goffee, I intend to see your show in Braxton Co. West Virginia in
> July. I> have been watching your website for quite some time, knowing that I would
> eventually get to see one of your shows. I am a huge fan of Johnny Cash.
> I> would like to send you a longer e-mail to give you an idea of just how big
> a> fan that I am, for example I have been to Dyess, and I have met Tommy and
> Joann. Please let me know if you received this, and I will e-mail you> again.
> Thanks, R. Unroe….
March 18, 2008 hello mr goffee,i was at your show in wexford ireland on 16th of march,was an amazing show and your performance as the great johnny cash was out of this world! it realy made my saint patricks week end special,and then to see you on saint patricks day watching the parade with your celtics basketball shirt and irish hat realy showed what a good man you are!

thank you once again,and i hope to see you back in ireland again someday!

yours sincerly neil murray(23 years old,wexford,ireland)

March 14, 2008

What a brilliant show. I took my mum with me and we didn’t want the show to end. We enjoyed every song and Terry Lee looked and sounded the part of what we can only imagine the real Johnny Cash was.

His graciousness (terry Lee’s) to shake hands at the door when people were leaving was very refreshing – in spite of great talent he had time for the audience.

Well done Terry Lee – a highly recommended show.

Mary and Anne in Mullingar

March 13, 2008
My husband and I went enjoyed your gig in Galway, Ireland last night – you are brilliant! My husbnd loves the man in Black and you are as good; and we both enjoyed every minute. I played you to my mother on phone and she loved you too. I will get her a CD but she would rather a DVD to see you too. Do you have a live DVD on sale?

Looking forward to seeing you again!

Thank you!!
Maura Lambert
Jan 28, 2008
hi terry-
i was at your recent performance in new milford, CT, and had been at the one in danbury. both were fantastic. seeing the danbury one was a lucky break – i had been given tickets by a friend and had no idea what the show was about, being billed as a “country western show.” i bought the TRAIN OF LOVE tribute CD then and have been playing it nearly non-stop. at the new milford show i got TRAIN TO GLORY and BLAME IT ON HANK and FLYING DOWN THE HIGHWAY. i really like the cash’s gospel music and much of the music on the other CD’s. you are a wonderful vocalist and songwriter, much better than many of the artists i hear being played a lot on country stations.
besides my loving the music and the near re-incarnation of johnny cash through the CD, it got me interested in johnny cash, with whom i previously had some familiarity with a few songs but really knew not much about. now i have become a fan of johnny cash and have been reading about him (library books) and just bought 6 DVD’s of performances of his. (i had seen the film WALK THE LINE, which piqued my interest but not nearly to the level i experienced after seeing your two shows.) i think it is an incredible tribute to johnny cash that you have the ability to get people not to just appreciate your impersonation of him, but stimulate such interest in the original person.

thanks again for your music, both your own and the work you do spreading the music of johnny cash.
nancy weston
Jan 28, 2008

Jan 18, 2008

Dear Terry

Today we received your “Classic Country/Christmas CD.

We cannot tell you how much we enjoyed every song recorded. It will get a lot of play in our house!

You have a unique voice, so enjoyable to listen to. The songs you chose for “Classic Country” are truly gems.

We have each of them by the “originals” and I must say, you make them proud.

I wish you were on the Grand Ole Opery so we could see you and the rest of the country fans could enjoy you as we do.

I believe you are set to appear at the Turning Stone in April, our family wll try to make your show–as the casino is only an hour away.

Good luck on your tour dates this year. Perhaps you will get a repeat invitation to appear at Oswego, NY some time in the future!!

Our best to you,

Clarence & Rose Ann Van Alstyne

Fulton, New York
Oct 7, 2007
Terry appeared at the Schoharie County Sunshine Fair in August in
Cobleskill, New York and he was terrific! I took a photo and he asked me to
email it for the website. In the photo are my mother, Jean Slater, on the
left, Terry, and my aunt, Rosie Lawyer on the right.
Terry was at the fair last year and gave a great performance.
We LOVE his CDs!
Hope he can come back again next year!
Thank you,
Karen Slater
Oct 3, 2007


My boyfriend and I were at the Bloomsburg Fair in Bloomsburg, Pa and we heard your concert. It was totally awesome. We enjoyed it very much. We were amazed at how much you sound like Johnny Cash and we are both Johnny Cash fans. We will be waiting for your next show in our area as we would love to see you again. I would have loved to meet you but it was so packed and it was late after the concert and I had to go to work the next day otherwise I would have waited to meet you. Your show was totally awesome and we are anxious to see you again.

Jennie Moore and James Antonelli

Sept 30. 2007
Hi Terry…I just want to tell you again that I really enjoyed your shows on Sept. 26th at the fair in Bloomsburg Pa. I grew up near Ashville N.C. and left there when I was 20 years old. and have been in Bloomsburg ever since. I am 70 years old now and I remember hearing Johnny Cash back when he was starting out in the 50’s. He was a true American icon and it is great to see someone who can pay tribute to him the way it should be done.

Jule Smathers

Sept 30, 2007

Just wanted to tell you that We caught the show Saturday afternoon at Bloomsburg was so impressed we stayed for the 9:15 show. I’ll be contacting the Fair to request you next year.


Bob and Vicki Reed
Sept 28, 2007
Wow! We just came home from the Bloomsburg Fair (in Pennsylvania); we are still in awe & overwhelmed (nearly) from the realistic Johnny Cash Tribute Show. We were there for the 5:10 pm show & came back for the later show. We can hardly wait until we see our friends at breakfast tomorrow so that we can give them all the raves. We would like to have a schedule of future shows. We don’t mind travel time; we enjoy it when we know that at the end of the road a great show awaits. Our accolades of you are superlative and we also extend our best wishes for good luck. Please be so kind as to contact us with a schedule of future venues. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Dotty& Charlie Christian
Sept 23, 2007
My name is Jonathan McNeely and I’m a 10-year-old Johnny Cash
Sept 17, 2007
Hi Terry!Once again, thank you so much for the great show out at The Country Stage! We had a fantastic time. I am so thrilled that my daughter, Nikky, niece, Colleyn and their friends, were able to attend the show this year, they had a wonderful time! I am sure that you have heard that Dad will have to have open heart surgery again and has decided that he will not be running the Music shows any longer, so being able to see you this last time out there will be terrific memory!
I have attached the picture of us that Scott took after the show! From left to right: Kayla, Colleyn (Olen’s granddaughter-Bryan’s daughter), Nikky (Olen’s granddaughter-Jody’s daughter) & Jody.
Sept 16, 2007

Loved your show in Altadena, CA. The best concert we’ve seen all summer, and Altadena was number 35 in our 2007 concert schedule. (Going to concerts beats working at the house!)

Please come back to California–preferably the Los Angeles area. We hope to see you back in Altadena next year so we can bring all our friends.

Thanks again for a great evening of entertainment.

Deanna Holden

Sept 16, 2007
Thanks to you and the band for a really terrific show tonight in Altadena, CA.
My daughter, neighbors and everyone there just loved the show; escpecially me.
You brought back so many memories of times and folks gone by. My Dad, who loved
Johnny Cash and was just tickled pink about one particular song used to drive us
nuts with “how do you do, my name is Sue”. All through the show, I felt he was
there with me.
Thanks again and I’ll be looking for future performances here in the Los Angeles
area as well as back home in Louisiana for my Mom and other friends and relatives.
If there is an automatic mailing list, I’d love to be added; though I’ll check your
site frequently.
Linda “Sam” Glynn
Sept 5, 2007
We enjoyed your show in Carlisle PA this year (Snowy Friday Night)!!!
We’re hoping to make it to see another great show at Bloomsburg, don’t want to miss out since travel time is about 2 hours from Carlisle.
Do you know an approximate time you will be performing on Friday?
Keep up the great performances!
Carol and Ron

August 31, 2007

Enjoyed your performance at the West End Fair in Gilbert PA on 8-30. If you are booked again next year I’d like to invite you and the band to put your feet up for a few hours at my lake cabin. I am located about 5 miles from the WE Fairgrounds. It is a 15 acre lake natural glacier lake. No motors allowed. Limited access to non-residents. Row a boat. Do some fishing. Watch the ducks on the water. (I just watched a white heron fly across the lake.) No pressure, no singing. My neighbor Carl Fink is a huge Johnny Cash fan and I am not far behind.

August 30, 2007
Heard your band at the fair it was just great. This is the first

time I heard your band hope to hear you again.

Would like to have your schedule for 2008, if you could

e-mail it, sure would appreciate it. Many thanks.

Mrs. P. Boyer
August 19, 2007
We saw you for the first time at the Kutztown Fair last night’ and just
loved your show; in fact we stayed for both shows. I bought your CD The Man
In Black Is Gone and already played it twice. We are looking forward to
seeing you at the West End Fair in Gilbert Pa.
Mary and Jack Gardner

August 4, 2007 (Forwarded from our agent)
My husband and I attended a concert by Terry Lee on Sunday, June 24th in Oswego, NY.

Until Sunday, we had never heard of him! We donate every year to the Sheriff’s Silver Star, try to attend all the events if possible.

Last year my husband was in the hospital for 6 weeks after open heart surgery–we were not able to go to the event.

He is on home oxygen at night because of shortness of breath, and I was not sure he would be able to go this year.

It was difficult for him to walk to the school, just a short distance.

From the minute Terry Lee stepped on the stage, my husband was absolutely thrilled (as I was!)

We had the opportunity to see Johnny Cash around 1957 in concert with Hank Snow, in Syracuse, NY The tickets were $2.50—after the show, the artists sat on the edge of the stage and talked to the audiance who stayed–pictures were taken and we got their autographs. We did not know then, that he would be such an ICON.

Sunday, we were amazed all over again—–what a show–we would have been happy to sit there and enjoy another 2 hours!!!!

We checked the internet to see f Terry Lee had any CDs available—neither Amazon or Barnes & Noble had any.

I then entered his name in Google——–surprised to find that he has 13 albums, that he has been “doing this” for many years. Why have we not heard of him? Why has he not been on Grand Ole Opry?? We have watched it for years.

We found the internet radio station and have been playing it for the last 2 days—until today, when they went Silent in protest. I have told our children that if they want to get me something specal for my birthday in a week, they can find Terry Lee Goffee on line and a CD would sure be nice! Especially the County Classic CD. I am sure he has been told that he has a “Hank Snow” quality in his voice, as well as Johnny Cash—we would love to hear him do a CD of Hank Snow hits!!

We will be thanking the Sheriff’s association for beinging Terry Lee to our area, and hope he will come again soon.


Tony & Rose Van Alstyne
August 4, 2007
Terry Lee: My husband and I want you to know how much we enjoyed your concert June 24th, Oswego, NY

It was, by far, one of the best concerts we have seen since we used to go to the “original” artists concerts back in the 50s and 60s. told you last night that we saw Johnny Cash back in the late 50s–he appeared with Hank Snow–the tckets were $2.50!! I got both of their autographs–meaningful then AND now.

We will be ordering some of your musc and will surely “introduce” you to our 27 yr old grandson who is a great Johnny Cash fan. We will be telling our friends also.

Hope we have the opportunity to see you again.

Thank you for a great show!!

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Van Alstyne

July 24, 2007 HOB Dallas TX
Terry, what a show!!!
I am a musician here in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area, and had a Saturday night
off. A friend of mine from church had bought tickets to ” Train Of Love”. I
have always been a huge Johnny Cash fan, so I said “lets go”! After working
all day at my day job Saturday, I was a little reluctant to go, but caught
my second wind and drove to Dallas. Thank goodness. This is the best show I
have been to in a very long time. If I didnt know Johnny Cash was gone, I
would have sworn he was there. You have every thing about him down to a tee!
I have been telling everyone about the show, and everyone is looking forward
to your next trip here. I also am very into gospel music, and will
definantly be purchasing your gospel cd’s. Thanks so much for a wonderful
trip down memory lane, and may the Lord bless and keep you safe on your
Curtis Alan
July 23, 2007 HOB Dallas TX
Hello Terry,First of all I just wanted you to know myself and some friend saw your show this weekend at House of Blues in Dallas
and we thought you were wonderful.
We would like to know how much you charge for private shows, or if you even do them.
Thank you,
Dia S. Jones

July 22, 2007 HOB Dallas TX
Can’t tell you enough how much we enjoyed your show last nite! Best time I’ve had in a long time! I’ve always wanted to see Johnny and like I told you last night, I feel not so cheated! Thank you for all you do for Johnny Cash fans!!!
July 21, 2007 The Villages, Lady Lake FL

We so enjoyed meeting you and the show was fabulous.

Terry, I have the article that Michael Fortuna wrote. It was in today’s paper. I’d

like to send it to you, if you could tell where to send it.

Phil was pleased to meet you and thank you for acknowledging our 39th

anniversary. We are ALL hoping to have you back at the Savannah Center.

Phil and Del Paden

July 19, 2007

Hello again from The Villages, Florida!

Got on your website of course 🙂 and can’t tell you how wonderful it is to find such a performer who also has wonderful Christian values and upholds them.

Thanks again for a wonderful performance and I sincerely hope you will come back to this area soon. I am telling everyone I can about the show, and how great it is.

I am enjoying the cd I purchased too…the songs Mr. Goffee wrote are great.

We truly appreciated the show at The Villages and hope and pray that you will come back again.

Bonnie Blevins

PS loved the baby pictures on your site

July 18, 2007 The Villages, Lady Lake FL


I was at the show tonight, and I just wanted to tell you we were pleasantly surprised at the wonderful performance Mr. Goffee gave. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears……..I wanted to give him a big hug and tell him how great the show was! Instead, I bought the cd of the songs he wrote, and was given a picture of him with some other gentlemen in front of the bus. I hope he comes back to this area soon because he brought the house down!

Thanks again for a great evening of entertainment. It was like seeing The Man In Black himself!


Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blevins

July 9, 2007 Frankenmuth MI

Mr. Goffee,

Just a quick note to let you know how much my friends and I enjoyed your show in Frankenmuth, Mi. Hope to see you return in the future.

July 1, 2007
I cannot tell you how much my husband & I enjoyed your “Tribute to Johnny Cash” on June 24th.
My husband is 73 and I am 69 (in 2 days!). He had open heart surgery and was in ICU for 6 weeks.
He has significant breathing problems, oxygen and other devices. So, we did not know whether he could handle
even the walk from the parking lot—but he wanted to go, as we are great Johnny Cash fans.
I was the lady that told you that my husband & I had met him about 1957 in Syracuse——tickets for the concert were $2.50–
he appeared with Hank Snow–after the concert, they came to the edge of the stage and sat down for photos and autographs–
I still have their autographs.
We went to the Oswego concert never having heard of you—–what an amazing performance!!!!!!
We could have sat there another 2 hrs, with out a doubt. Not only do you do justice to the memory of Johnny Cash,
you have a voice that reminds us of the “old country singers”–so pleasant to hear. I am sure you have been told you have a “Hank Snow”
quality in your voice also. We would love to hear a “Tribute” CD to him—-. please consider this.
Country music as we knew it is almost non-esistant today—-very few tend to continue the true country sound—-Craig Morgan (who we have
seen on 2 occasions in a VERY small venue–a true way to hear the genuine quality of one’s voice) and Josh Turner, outstanding singer in
the old tradition. You are ranked right up there, in our opinion.
We have always been fans of Ray Price, Merle Haggard, Marty Robbins, Waylon Jennings, George Jones. Sonny James.
We came home from your concert and went directly to the internet and typed your name in—–to our astonishment—-we found the radio station
“365” that plays your music all day—-needless to say, I registered, and we listen whenever we are on the computer, and sometimes I turn it
up while doing my housework.
I have told our children that my birthday present better be one of your CDs!!! I will start with the Classic Country! and move on from there!
Surprised to find you have so many CDs available—–how is it we have never heard of you? Why have you not been on the country stations?
Grand Ole Opry? Why are your CDs not available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble?
We will try and make your concert in Geneva, and hopefully at the Turning Stone, should you appear again, as it is only an hr from our
home town.
In closing, just know that you brought 2 hrs of enjoyment to my husnad and I last Sunday—-and thank you for thaking the time to hang around
and meet those who came out to see you, and sign autographs. It was a pleasure to meet you and to hear such a fine entertainer

Clarence & Rose Van Alstyne
Fulton, NY
June 27, 2007

Caught your show in OSWEGO , and was awestruck!

I’m the guy who the little short lady told you I was an impersonator too…

Loved your cd and especially your Cash tribute song!

I wanted to see you when you came to the Turning Stone casino in may, but I was in rehearsals for a play and couldnt go. Then i saw on your site you were coming to Oswego-yee-haa!

I’ve met Johnny Cash several times as he brought his show to Syracuse in the 70’s and 80’s and watching you on stage brought back those memories like it was yesterday. I was in hog heaven ….listening to 90 mins of Cash music 🙂

Being such a Cash fan and impersonator myself, I watched with a critical eye. Well my friend, YOU PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS! Your stature, vocal quality and presence were impecable, and when you turned a certain way and the lights hit your face just right-DAMN-you WERE Johnny Cash!

Tell the boys in the band they also scored big with me! They got the sound down perfect! Damn, that Ben is scarey that he’s only 18 and so telented! When i was 18, I just learned how to spell my name-lol!

I see youre coming to Geneva in OCT….I’m hoping to make that show!


Nick Mulpagano

June 27, 2007
My husband and I would like to thank you for your moving performance and tribute to Johnny Cash. It’s uncanny how much you sound and look like him. We especially enjoy the first person tribute! Johnny Cash was one of a kind and had such a positive influence on our music and culture. Thanks for keeping the memory alive.

We saw you at Turning Stone in NY, Oswego, NY and look forward to October 13 when we’ll see you in Geneva, NY.

Until then,

God bless,

Reta and Linn
June 25, 2007
Johnny played here many times & I had the pleasure to meet & Talk with Him & Have the pictures to prove it,Plus I meet Joanne Cash Yates in High River,Alberta,She sings some great Gospel & I still have the 5 Cassets she gave me in exchange for some of Her Brother Johnny Gospel music She wanted to hear on her return driving trip to Nashville.

Any possability of you coming here & if so when??

I would attend all Shows while you were here,am retired now so I Have the time to do so.Appreciate a Reply.Thanks Terry Lee
\Marilyn & Brian Stewart

June 24, 2007
Here’s a picture of my Dadtight after the show with awesome Johnny
Cash tribute superstar Terry Lee Goffee at the Oswego High School for
a Police fundraiser
and you know what JC fans we are- and it gets a double thumbs up!!!!
Diamond Maidens

June 23, 2007
Well hello there!

Only 24 hours and i get to finally meet you guys and see the show!

My dad (Dave Maidens) says hi and he will be there real early to say
hi, and see if you need a hand with anything…

any idea of when you’ll hit oswego?
…and if ya didnt know … oswego is pronounced (ah-swee-go)… LOL!

travel safe- cya soon 🙂

Diamond Maidens…
June 14, 2007
This is Sharon Bishop from Watertown ny. I sent you an email last Sept. when you had your show at Watertown High School! I told you what a fantastic job you did. I didnt get to make it down to the Turning Stone in April to see your show. I know you have an upcoming show in Oswego, ny on June 24th and I hope to be there to introduce myself. Once again you did a fantastic job as Johnny Cash and your band was also fantastic. I know where ever you go to put on your shows you will do as well and the crowds will applause you all. Again I want to thank you and your band for a job well done. Take Care and be safe and God Bless you all

June8, 2007

I had the pleasure of attending your recent show in Albany, NY. I was very impressed. You did such a great job of paying tribute to Johnny Cash. What a wonderful show!!

I’ve been a fan of Johnny Cash for 40 years. I was lucky enough to see him in concert several times. You really nailed him. Thank you. It brought back many fond memories of the “Man in Black”.

And the “kid” playing Luther was unbelievable. What a picker!! Nice job.

If you ever come to the area again, I hope to catch your show again.

Thanks again.

Ed Smith

June 2, 2007
My wife Sue and I enjoyed your performance last night at the “Egg” in Albany, New York. Your talent, communication skills and performance is truly a tribute to the late, Johnny Cash. Your back up crew were in total coordination with you. Your charisma added to your commitment to carry on the legend of Johnny Cash. I purchased your Patriot tape because our son is one of the military heroes serving in our armed forces. When he returned home in 2004, he was awarded the “Bronze Star”. Soon he will be promoted Lt. Colonel. Please always keep a song in your performances for our military. Our military believes in fighting over there, not here. When I was in the service 1961-64, I met a chaplain by the name of Talmadge McNabb who knew the Carter family in Tennessee. He retired a Colonel and started up the Worldwide Ministries Church. I got together with him just before he passed on several years ago. Our Son met him in 2000 when he was stationed in Fort Dix, New jersey, where Chaplain Mc Nabb lived. I am confident you will bring continuing credit to Mr. Johnny Cash, his family and people who come to your show for another performance by the “Man in Black”,performed by a very talented, Mr.Terry Lee Geoffee .God bless you. I got the nick name “commish” because I served 11 years on our local school board, as a Commissioner, Vice-President, President.

Jerry J. Mastan, Sr.

April 22, 2007
would you be able to tell me who to contact to get tickets for the show on 6/24/07 in Oswego NY.

Thank you

Have seen show twice and it is truly the best

April 13, 2007
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Goffee-

You did an AWESOME!!!!!!!!! show at Turning Stone Casino. My name is Anna Rose, you may remember me- the awkwardly nervous coat check girl. My parents, boyfriend and I really enjoyed your show, and the Cd’s are being constantly listened to by us as well. The “story line” if I may call it that was the best accompaniment to the show, the mix of music and history is AMAZING, not to mention historically accurate. The way you mentioned the water (or whatever liquid was in the bottle) while onstage without copying the Folsom Prison Concert scene from the “Walk the Line” movie was neat.

I just wanted to thank you so much for doing an amazing show! I hope you’ll come back, I’d love to see it again.


(and now a fan)

—Anna Rose—

April 11, 2007
Hello Terry,

What a wonderful tribute you have to Johnny Cash. I enjoyed your website and what a beautiful voice you have. Johnny Cash was one in a million. I have always enjoyed his music every since I was a child and my father listened to it.

I showed my husband and children your website and they thought you were very good also. Let me know of any local upcoming performances, we would love to see you perform. I am in Westlake, OH.

Best Wishes

Elizabeth Eisom

April 8, 2007 These are pictures i took at the Turnning Stone I sure enjoyed seeing you and your wife there. The other guy is my best friend Art Smith; he owns a bar in Watertown called Artie’s tavern. This is what i wanted to do that nite for my birthday; was to get my friends and come to see and hear you again.It was great.They sure liked you a lot. They said that it was nice of you to stop and chat for little . I thank you for that too. You and your wife are very nice I hope to talk with you;s again. Shooting for next show in June. i want to bring my boy this time. Well till next time talking or e-mailing. Your Friend and big fan Marvin Massey

March 17, 2007
Hi, we attended your concert at Hope Ridge United Methodist Church in Concord, Ohio on March 3rd. It was announced you would be coming to Lake County again in the near future. Can’t find any information on your concert and we certainly do not want to miss it. Will it appear on your web site soon? Thanks again for your excellent tribute to Johnny Cash – by the way we have also seen you do your own style of hyms and songs and you are great at that. Marilyn & Eugene Legg

March 16, 2007
we drove through deep snow last night to get to Carlisle, pa. great show, it was worth it.

thank you,

Rodney Decker

March 16, 2007
I would like to thank you so much for taking the time to meet with Byron.
He hasn’t stopped talking about it since we got home. The performance was wonderful.
Byron really loved it. Thank you again. I’m sure he will always remember tonight.
Sincerely Heather & Byron

March 15, 2007
Just wanted to drop you a line to say i am looking forward to seeing you at the turning stone april 6 bringing some friends. Told them how good you are. Hope to maybe talk to you there. maybe open some cds for you. Best wishes Marvin Masey from Watertown. n. y

March 16, 2007

ByronI would like to thank you so much for taking the time to meet with Byron.
He hasn’t stopped talking about it since we got home. The performance was wonderful.
Byron really loved it. Thank you again. I’m sure he will always remember tonight.
Sincerely Heather & Byron
March 15, 2007
Just wanted to drop you a line to say i am looking forward to seeing you at the turning stone april 6 bringing some friends. Told them how good you are. Hope to maybe talk to you there. maybe open some cds for you. Best wishes Marvin Masey from Watertown. n. y

March 13, 2007

Hello. My name is Heather. I am writing this to you because I was hoping you could help me out. I have an 8 year old boy named Byron. He really loves music and is learning to play guitar. Anyhow, he loves Johnny Cash’s music and was very excited to hear you were coming to town. I have purchased tickets to the performance on the 16th and I was wondering if it may be possible to have him meet you. I think he would really love it. If you could get back to me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much for your time.



March 13, 2007


I recently attended one of your shows in Sheboygan Wisconsin and was totally amazed at your performance. Being a Cash fan for over 40 years, your portrayal could not have been better.

I e-mailed your booking agent about gaining information about the cost of your show etc. The show I attended was a fundraiser for the local police department. I am the director of our local volunteer ambulance service and think we could sell out our High school PAC of 700 seats

I will await information

Thank you,

Bob Parisey

March 12, 2007
Dear Terry Lee and Band (& Kay):

First of all, thank you for the incredible show Friday night! I could not have been more pleased with the quality of your tribute to Johnny Cash! It was our best show ever! In addition, we more than doubled the attendance of our previous shows. You and your band members are not only remarkable musicians, but wonderful people!
I had countless people come up to me after the show and state that they LOVED the show and had a wonderful time at the concert. One woman told me that she had seen Johnny Cash in concert and actually enjoyed your show more.
I would HIGHLY recommend your tribute to anyone and any organization. To someone who is considering this show…..believe me, you will not be disappointed.
Thank you again for sharing your talents with us!

May God Bless you always!


Sgt. Brad Riddiough

Sheboygan Police Department

March 11, 2007

Hello Mr. Goffee,

My husband and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your “Ultimate” Johnny Cash Tribute which we saw at Urban Junior High in Sheboygan, WI, on March 9th. It was EXCELLENT….we were so impressed how much you knew Johnny’s actions, moves and the voice! We had been Johnny Cash Fan Club Member’s for many years and followed him to many of his shows. In 1986, at our Sheboygan County Fair (held in Plymouth, WI), we were able to meet John personally in between the two shows. That was the highlight of my life…being kissed by Johnny Cash….I will never forget. We also got to meet him in Nashville when it was Fan Fair week and they had a special breakfast for us (fan club members)…plus invited us to an open house at his recording studio along with much good food.

I thought I’d check on the computer if I could find any info as far as dates and your schedule. I did see that you will be in Neenah and Janesville the weekend of May 18th. I regret to say that our weekend is full and we will be seeing George Jones at Wisconsin Dells, at the Crystal Grand Theatre on Sat. night, the 19th. I’ll keep on trying and I’m sure we’ll get to hear you again.

Thank you for singing and being an impersonator of Johnny Cash. You are very, very good and we will keep checking your schedule. God has blessed you with much talent and what a beautiful way to be a witness for Christ.


Darleen & Ronald Rautmann

March 10, 2007

My name is Sharon Bishop, I was sitting in the front row of Watertown High School when you performed your show on Friday September 22nd 2006. I work at Watertown High School and took a personal day just to see your show. Johnny Cash was one of my long time favorites for many years. I just wanted to let you know that you did a fantastic job and I am looking forward to seeing your show again. You were great and I fell in love all over again with Johnny Cash. Thank-You so very much for such a wonderful show and I know the people from Watertown would love to see your show all over again. You were the greatest! God Bless You!

March 7, 2007
Hello Terry,>
> I know it might seem a lot to ask, but is there any gigs coming up over
> in the UK?>
> It’s one thing we lack over here, a Johnny Cash tribute
Leighton Baller

March 2, 2007


I just came home from your HOPE RIDGE METHODIST CHURCH Johnny Cash Gospel show.I was with my mom and son JOHN. It was our second show that we saw of your group. We love your shows!!

Thank you for your autographs. We bought (so far….) 2 CDS and a TEE !!

Tonight my son had on a JOHNNY CASH tee shirt , you said you liked his shirt!! haha

My son got a guitar for xmas and has been practicing…

We are looking forward to another show!!

Thank you again, Micki , son JOHNNY and her mom , Grace 🙂

March 2, 2007
I am in Scotland and found you on the internet. It has been quite enjoyable spending time with you, yours words and videos! You are truly welcome in my home.

I have been an entertainer for years in the States and now in the UK , having married a ‘lassie!’ I am about to embark on a Johnny Cash tribute. I was wondering if it would be possible to buy a copy of the backing track to ‘The Man in Black is Gone’ to use to end my shows. I play guitar and have learned it and would like to use it even with out the backing. It’s a brilliant song!
Ric Herrington

March 2, 2007
Hey i watched you perform in massachusetts you rocked
cant wait for you to come back! I am a huge johnny
cash fan and now a huge fan of you. If you have any
idea if you will be coming to anywhere in new england
email me back.
Jordon Spence
Feb. 27,2007
Hello, I just wanted to let you know how excited about your show at Carlisle
Theatre on March 16th. I have heard so many good things about you. But it
my boyfriend who will enjoy it the most. He is a HUGE Johnny Cash fan. He
dreams about doing what you are done and continue to do. He, himself
impersonates Johnny, but only with me and a few close friends. So, I just
wanted to encourage you and let you know, you have some big fans in the
audience! I am sure you will really impress us. Continue what you are
doing, and enjoy it!
Toni Boyer
Feb. 26, 2007
Hi Terry
I think u are amazing. My name is stevie and a stay in scotland. Huge Cash
Fan and a fan of yourself. Just wondering if you have any plans to tour the
uk with scotland being one of your gigs. Also do u have a cds or recordings
i could buy or download.
Hope 2 hear from u soon
Stevie L
Feb. 22, 2007
I most greatly enjoyed your performance this evening in the beautiful and historical Ritz Theater in Tiffin, Ohio! If one would close their eyes as you performed, they would assume that Johnny Cash himself was there! You were wonderful.

Your band members were dynamic also! Unfortunately, the program booklet did not list their names. For my scrapbook collection, could you release those names to me once again?

Thank you for your time!

Ron Callahan

Tiffin, Ohio

Feb. 19, 2007 “Terry Lee Goffee did a superb two sold out shows for us as the embodiment on Johnny Cash. The look, the sound, the “chicka-boom,” was all dead on. It was one of the best shows we’ve presented, and after the show the people just kept coming up to meet him in the lobby. Terry and the band were a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to having them back with us.”– Steve White, Talent Buyer, The Company Theatre (Norwell, MA)

Feb 13, 2007
Hello MR.Goffee my name is logan brummage and i am a huge fan i was at the show in asland ohio and i was wondering is there way to get a jhonny cash guitar with jhonny cash on the fret board if so can you tell me how i could get one oh i like your song the man in black is gone

Feb 9, 2007hi,

hope you don’t mind me getting in touch with you , to ask a simple question..i am 36 years old and was brought up listening to johnny cash by my dad died when i was 16 and ever since i always listen to my johnny cash cd”s driving to work ,at home , anywhere… i employ 3 lads who work for me & all they want to listen to in my van going to work & coming home is “johnny cash”.

What i really would like , is to know where can i go and watch a johnny cash singer, i live in manchester , england .

many thanks ,

all the best ,

chris oakes.

Oct. 14, 2006
we are a Johnny Cash cover band in the Houston area and we just wanted to say we like your stuff. you play the character so well. we are also a tribute band honoring the fallen artist that is Johnny cash. we’ve just started, and we think it is amazing how you perform.

if you have any tips that would be great.

Keaton Tucker
Jan 16, 2007
I just wanted to tell you again what a great show it was this past Sat. nite in Ashland! Dad has been talking about you and your preformance for quite some time now and I am so glad that we finally got the chance to see you preform and had the opportunity to meet you! My husband, Scott and I look forward to seeing you again….if not before hand, we will certainly do our best to be out at the “Stage” in August when you are there again!

Take care and thanks for a great show!

Jan 13, 2007
My family and I certainly enjoyed your show and the wonderful invite to view and meet Terry Lee and the band members. A great big hug and thank you to Kay who took her time and showed us all over the House Of Blues. We certainly had a great time and Terry Lee and the group put on an EXCELLENT SHOW. Thank you once again for a great evening. As long as Terry is Doing Johnny Cash he will never die..Tom and Nelda Tisch..

Dec 29, 2006
Dec 15, 2006
I saw your show at Harrahs Casino in N. KC this week.
I saw Johnny in St. Joseph the day Ronald Reagan was shot, I was on the front row.
You have REALLY captured the look and the sound; I thoroughly enjoyed you and the band. It was fantastic.
I like the fact that you played some of the early work, and the more obscure songs only a die hard fan would know.
Have you ever seen the band The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash? They are based in San Diego, and do not play his work…but you can really see the influence he had in their work.
I am a skeptical kind of guy- and you really impressed me. Keep up the good work; I know JC would be happy with what you are doing.
Tom Kaminski
Dec 14, 2006
Hi Terry Lee,

Saw you this past year at the Funky Frog in Mentor, OH and then at a fund raiser at Riverside High School in Painesville, OH.
Thoroughly enjoyed both shows….
Hopefully I’ll be able to see a show of yours again in the near future.


A Painesville, OH Fan,
Nov 5, 2006
Hi….I just wanted to tell you it was great. I probably would not have seen the show, but a friend of mine asked me to go with her. I loved it..bought a CD and listen to it all the time. I put the CD in as I was driving a few people around, they said “Oh you like Johnny Cash”? I said yes, he is great isnt he? I let them listen to the whole CD, they said they loved it and then I told them it was not Johnny that it was you, they were shocked. Again..GREAT JOB…Let me know if you might be visiting our area anytime soon.

Regards, Sandi

Oct 29, 2006





Dec 27, 2006

My husband is disabled plays your CD I believe it’s almost worn out.

What would be the chances of getting the chords and words to The Man in Black is Gone. I looked in Cowpie and several other sites no luck.

Thanking you in advance.


Oct 26, 2006
Thank you for coming to the Quad Cities, you made my year! I have seen Mr. Cash in concert five times in my life. Four times in the Quad Cities, and one time at an outdoor concert in the state of Washington.

Your tribute concert was the next best to seeing Cash live. Your good!!! God Bless you! THANK YOU!

Please come back!!!

Craig Hollister

Oct 24, 2006
Bill Thorne has been playing both of your c.d.’s on both of his programs. The Four-Horseman Show 9 to 10am Saturday mornings and Hymn Time which airs from 10 to 11am on Sunday mornings. “The Man in Black is Gone” is VERY popular on Hymn time. He played it once and said that he gets reguests for it every Sunday. He always gives c.d. purchasing information. He plays all the songs a lot on the 4 horsemen show. He tells people about your website and hopes the next time that you are in the area you might be able to stop by for an interview on one of his programs or maybe you could set up a phone interview with him
Robbie Kilda

Oct 10, 2006
Hi Terry and the beautiful Mrs. Goffee,

This is the gal you met at Willabee’s Restaurant in Brimley Sat. with my Mom and my Aunt when you had the gig that night at Bay Mills Resort and Casino. I just wanted you to know that you made our day. We were so thrilled to meet you. We were talking about it all day. I took them on a color tour after leaving the restaurant and we listened to your Johnny Cash c.d. the whole time and sang along to all the songs. It was one of those days we will ALWAYS treasure and it would not have been the same without us starting the day by meeting you. They both put your picture up on their wall. I gave “Blame it on Hank” to our senior announcer Bill Thorne. He has been on the air for 60 years! He has interviewed Johnny Cash and Elvis (among many others famous stars) and was even named “Mr. D.J. USA” in Nashville in the 50’s. He hosts a program called the “4-Horseman Show” which airs on 1230WSOO every Sat. morning at 9am. When he listened to the disc, he said that he would be MORE than happy to play it on his program. He got a tear in his eye when he heard “The Man in Black is Gone.” I just wanted to thank you again for the most enjoyable day that I ever had with my Mom and my Aunt. We all held hands and sang together to “May be Circle be Unbroken” and I plan to play your version of it at their funerals. That’s just how special it was to us. They are not very well.

Continued success in your career.

Robbie Kidla

Oct 11, 2006 Hi Robbie,

Wow, I’m truly humbled. Kay and I both felt blessed to have met the three of you at Willabee’s last Saturday. One of the perks of what we do is getting the chance to enjoy the company of folks as nice as you, your mom and your aunt. It sounds like you all had a fabulous day and we are flattered to have been a part of it. Please thank Mr. Thorne for any airplay he might give the “Blame it on Hank” CD. And thank you very much for giving it to him. I am honored that you would consider playing my music for the ladies’ final services. Again, it’s meeting people like you that make our jobs so enjoyable. Take care and please give our best to you mom and your aunt. They will be in our prayers.

Terry & Kay

Oct. 2, 2006
Mr. Goffee
Great show in Crystal Lake on the 30th! The understated power of
a small band and the sound of days gone by. Words can’t describe how good
I felt after your show. You and your band were outstanding. Your original
tribute song is excellent. It’s nice to know that sound will live on.
I hope you continue to do originals with that gone-until-now sound…….
nobody else does, and some of us never get tired of it.
Thanks, good luck and God bless,
Scott Graham, Woodstock IL.
Oct. 2, 2006

Terry, I was at your show in Crystal Lake Illinois last week. I must say impersonators have never imprested me before, but I could not believe what I saw and heard at your show. You were fantastic and I must say the best I have ever heard doing Johnny Cash. I hope you come back again to this area so I can see and enjoy your music again. Just wanted to thank you.

David Mathis

Huntley, Illinois

Sept. 26, 2006
We keep hearing the commercial using the song “I’ve Been Everywhere.”
It sounds like Johnny Cash at the end. Could it be that you did that
portion of the song or is it the real Johnny?
Dick Rees
Sept 26, 2006
We just got home from seeing your show at Riverside High School in
Painesville OH.
It was so much fun. Hope you make it back to Northeast Ohio soon.
Hope you are having as much fun as you appear to be having.
Thanks for a very pleasant evening,

Denise and John Crites
Paula Boggs and Bill Spring

Sept 25, 2006

Dear Terry Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your show the other night at Watertown High School I was sad at first but as I listened to you and watched you perform I said to my wife this man was born to do Johnny cash. I was the one that let you use my knife to open the cds. My son Robin was so happy to meet you at Denny’s that night. He tells all his friends he met Johnny Cash. Can’t wait to see you again
September 23, 2006
I heard you and your group last night in Watertown NY, and I
was very impressed. I’m also sure that I can’t tell you anything you haven’t
already heard about your talent and your showmanship. I can appreciate that
much than others because I was a musician for over thirty years, and I
started singing Johnny Cash songs in the fifties. I played bass and sang
locally, nothing, like your life. I’m sure there’s times when the daily
process of traveling and performing becomes tiresome. The audience, for the
most part, can not conceive that.
I hope you come back to Watertown soon, as I will surely be there.
Your Fan and friend,
Bill Benway
Saturday, September 16, 2006

My husband, daughter and I attended your show tonight at Riverside School and I just want to thank you for the wonderful evening. We were probably the youngest ones there, but loved the memories that you brought back with your wonderful musical tribute. Keep up the great work!

Marge Henning

Saturday, September 16, 2006

> hi terry ,my husband and i met you tonight at park road grill and told
> you how we loved your “johnny cash” show…..we also want to say we
> really loved YOUR music and also your band is incredible!!!!!!!love your
> work….polly and dean, thanks

August 12, 2006
August 12, 2006
We really enjoyed the show at Put-In-Bay last week; do you ever perform near
July 18, 2006
he was great tony…the crowd loved it and they are very nice people….enjoyed having them here………lets chat i have some ideas for next year…..doing an outlaw show with johnny and friends????
Dan Dalpra
July 18, 2006
Terry Lee
Thanks for an awesome day! We had a blast. I took over 100 pics that day, here’s just a few.
From the front row rowdy crowd.
Greg, Donna, Courtney, Beth, Mark, Dain, Rora, Rick, Lisa, Art, Crystal, & Jen
13 NEW FANS!!!!!!!!!

I’m a 14 year old boy from western Pennsylvania. My favorite artist is Johnny Cash. I must say that you perform (from what I’ve seen) the best Johnny Cash tribute out there. My friends at school have no idea who Johnny Cash is. It feels kind of weird when you’re the only kid in school who knows who Johnny Cash is. I have a band that is made up of myself, my father, and our drummer, Phil. We are looking for a bass player. I play lead guitar, my father plays rhythm guitar and sings lead, and Phil just drums. Of course, I sing all the Johnny Cash songs. I would just like to say that every time I go to your website and hear you sing “The Man in Black is Gone” I get a good feeling inside. I too wrote a song about Mr. Cash, called “The Man in Black ain’t comin’ back”. Kind of weird, huh? If you want me to I can send it to you. Thank you very much for taking your time to read this, it means a lot to me.


Clinton Erb

Hi Clinton,
I can’t tell you how many young people come to our tribute shows but it’s always great to hear about another Johnny Cash fan such as yourself.
Thanks for the kind words regarding the tribute and hopefully you can attend one of our shows sometime. Good luck with your band. I would love to hear your song. You can send it to Little Kate Music Group P O Box 216 Wellington OH 44090. I can relate to your situation as a closet Cash fan.
When I was a kid it wasn’t popular to listen to artists like Johnny Cash, Hank Snow or Ernest Tubb. And most of my friends wouldn’t have known who those singers were either. So I would play their music in my room when nobody else was around. Well, thanks for the email and take care.
Terry Lee Goffee

May 19, 2006 By far, one of the best show I hve seen in a long time. The voice was clear and understandable and not overpowered by the music.

Got your “The Man In Black Is Gone” and have played it several times already.

May 7, 2006
We were at Racine last eve,we really enjoyed the show.This was the first time we had seen you preform, and we plan to go to West Bend and Green Bay,
as there not that far from home we were with nine other people,and they all want to see you again also, thank you so much

Jerry and Sue Popelier

April 30, 2006
Dear Mr Goffee,

I’m writing to let you know how much I loved your show. Being only 26 I never had the opportunity to see Mr Cash play in his prime, but after seeing you perform I can honestly say I came close at the Elm Hurst in Ingersoll last night.

I also want to thank you for taking the time to share a quick conversation with me as well as signing my CD, during your first
intermission. You cover Johnny to a “T” on that disc and l’ll cherish it always.

I can remember spending many a Saturday night with me Grandparents. My Grandfather and I would spend our Saturday evenings down
the in the basement sharing a Pepsi, watching Hockey Night In Canada and of course the Grand ole Opry. Grandpa would tell me stories about the hockey greats as well as the country legends. He told me a stories about visiting Mr Cash’s home in Nashville and meeting Boxcar Willie In Branson. At the time it meant a lot to me spending time with Grandpa, but when he passed on those evenings meant so much more. His record collection was passed down to me, Waylon, Willie and lots of Blue Grass, but the one that hit me the hardest was Johnny Cash.

To this day everybody that knows Im a Cash fan has a story to tell, some of had the privilege of meeting the man, others seen him play.
So I’d like to take the time to say thank you for keeping that magic alive.
Touching fan with that same magic Johnny possessed, After meeting you in that hall way on the 29th of April I too have a story to share thanks!!!!!
Yours truly
Chad Robillard
March 12, 2006

My husband, brother, sister-in-law and myself all attended your concert last night and it was WONDERFUL! You are so talented, and it must be a real joy to carry on Johnny’s legacy in music. I listened to you CD which we purchased when I got home, and if I didn’t know better, I would swear that it was Johnny himself.

I was asked to email some of the pictures we took last night, although we were in the very back row, so they aren’t that great.
The ones with you signing your autograph are much better.

Thank you so much for sharing your talent with others. You are a lucky man to walk in the shoes of “The Man In Black”.
Roxanne Bell

March 13, 2006
G’day Terry,
We are country music presenters (DJ’s) here in Sunbury Victoria. We have come by your album Livin’ In The Red and love it. We are writing to ask if you have other product and how we could go about getting some. Also if you are willing, some station LINERS would be great. We can email all details and scripts if necessary, although if you could come up with your own that would be heaps better.
Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you. Cheers
Elsie & Colin Bernard
Jan 31, 2006
Hey Terry,
Great show the other night. Thought you might like to see some of the pictures for your band. Please find them attached
Matt Cahill
Agora Theatre
January 31, 2006

Hi Terry

My wife and I and some listeners caught your show at the Agora Theater in Cleveland last weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish we could have come backstage to meet you, although I think we did meet some years ago at a Concert In The Park in Madison. Anyhoo, thanks for mentioning WKKY on stage and that we are playing your Man In Black is Gone. I get so many request for that song that it is amazing. Keep up the good work and if you get time, could you send along another copy of Man In Black, ours got scratched here at the station. Also anything new that you have I would love to get my hands on and get on the radio.


Your Friend,



Geneva, OH
Jan 9, 2006
Terry and the gang, thanks so much for the opportunity to open your show!!
Your right! the HOB rocks, your show blew us away, it was great. I had about
twenty some odd, people there, family, customers, friends and relatives, and
we all agreed, that your Johnny Cash tribute was fantastic!!.

If you need an opening band anywhere in this town in the future, especially
at the HOB, don’t hesitate to call me.

Randy Taylor / Nashville Bound band.
Jan 9, 2006
Mr. Goffee,
A group of friends (15 to be exact) attended the House of Blues show on Jan 6th. I can’t tell you how impressed we were/are with your tribute to one of the greatest singers of all time! We had a GREAT time and hope to see you again!
Thanks for the entertainment! You were AWESOME!

Homerville, OH
Jan 9, 2006
Just wanted to say what a great performance my husband Keith and I saw on January 7, 2006 in Bellefontaine, Ohio. We sat in the front row and had a wonderful time. You really got Johnny down pat (the moves, voice and look). What a wonderful tribute to possibly one of the greatest musical talents of our time. Both my husband and I grew up listening to Johnny Cash and still to this day he remains one of our favorite country artists.

Again thanks for a very memorable and relaxing evening.

Joan Williamson
Jan 8, 2006
You Guys Rocked The House!!

It was my first time seeing you guys, and after the show that you performed at the House of Blues in Cleveland, I’m hoping it wont be the last. Thank you for the great performance, great sound and good vibe. I have attached a picture or two that I snapped (thanks for allowing camera’s), enjoy.

Hope to see y’all soon.

Brian Shepherd (Check Out Brian’s Pictures On The Picture Page) Jan 7, 2006
Totally enjoyed your show last night…Our 4th time to see you… You do Johnny proud. I don’t see anything about a Nashville trip…Will there be one this year? Thank you Tom & Nelda Tisch…Hope to see you again

Jan 8, 2006

We attended your performance at Bellefontaine High School the evening of January 7th and came away impressed. Just wanted to thank you for your tribute to Johnny Cash.

We saw Johnny in person and you did a perfect rendition.

The Kent’s

January 6, 2006
Good afternoon! I just wanted to send you a note saying that a group of ours (13) are coming into Cleveland’s House of Blues on the 6th! We are all very excited and can’t wait!
See you then!

Hey, Kay and Terry Lee …

My husband, inlaws, and their other son saw you perform in Kenmore
last summer (June I believe). We asked if you would give special
recognition to my brother-in-law as it was his birthday, and you
really above and beyond!! Thanks so much for making our day!

We’re on our way to your House of Blues show tonight, and CANNOT
wait!! Maybe we’ll see you at the sell table!

God bless,
daughter-in-law of loyal fans!
Terry Lee,
I got a whole group of friends coming to see you guys!
Keep rocking as Johnny Cash!!! Thank you in advance for playing Cleveland again!

God bless you,
Ray Lukacs

Hello Mr. Terry Lee Goffee

First of all sorry for my english. My name is Albert A. Roch and I’m the coordinator of DCWR (Dímelo Country Web Radio) This message wants you to tell that the song “The Man in Black is Gone” were included in the DCWR emission. (I really love this song)

This song will be broadcasted in the topic-space “TCB” (Take Country Back), it´s my personal space, and from Monday to Sunday, ramdomly during one year since now or until your next album. If you want to visit our station.

I SEE THE VIDEO CLIP , IS SUPER —VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JOHNNY CASH LIVES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Terry Lee and Kay!

It certainly was a wonderful evening, as the email so aptly presents. Everyone associated with Memorial Hall (Vermont) was very pleased.
You and your musicians did a splendid job and even entertained the sound man!

The best,



If you did not attend Holy Trinity Catholic School in Byesville, OH, ignore this! But I remember going to school back then with a Terry Goffee in the mid ’50’s.

What prompted me to write was an article about you in the Daily Jeffersonian newspaper very recently regarding an upcoming appearance.

My memory always takes me back to my youth, and I have reminisced over the years, and I always remembered a Terry Goffee performing, of all things, the Elvis hit “You Ain’t Nuthin but a Hound Dog,” controversial as it was then, complete with full gyrations, vocals (as raspy as an elementary schooler could muster), strumming an imaginary “air” guitar and hip movements, much to the dismay of the Franciscan Sisters and the delight of us 3rd & 4th, maybe 5th graders, out on the playground during recesses. It’s both funny & great how these things are stored in our memories!

While thinking of my past, I always wondered what became of you, and imagined that you pursued a musical career, so I was both surprised and delighted that you did!

I can’t remember exactly, but I think we were classmates, or I was a year ahead, my memory fails me now! I doubt if you remember me, and if you did not attend Holy Trinity, please forgive me for the intrusion!

Regardless, I remain,

Ed Karas

Byesville native

I recently attended your concert at Potawatomi Bingo Casino in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We enjoyed the show so much we bought tickets for the next night also. I purchased a tee shirt and didn’t buy a Cd. A couple days later, I decided I wanted your Train of Love CD. I ordered 2 of them (one for a brother).

I am so hopeful you will make the “big time” and hope someday my Cd will be valuable!

Keep up the great work…Johnny has been my idol all my life!


I truly enjoyed your tribute to Johnny Cash at Potawatomi Northern Lights
Theatre last night. I grew up listening to classic country (and I’m only
31). Johnny Cash was always one of my absolute favorite artists. You
certainly did him justice. I loved learning about the songs and some of the
things that happened in his life. It was also neat that there were several
songs with which I was unfamiliar. I have a special collection of Johnny’s
music, 4 or 6 CD set I believe, as well as many tapes from my childhood,
and yet there is still music I haven’t heard.

A couple songs I would love to hear you do, if possible, would be J-E-S-U-S
and Ol’ Sluefoot. I also was the one who suggested Strawberry Cake to you
after the show. According to a couple websites, it was written in 1975. I
have a tape with it somewhere, and it’s definitely not a children’s song or
from a children’s show. The tape is a live performance, but I don’t
remember where. I will try to find it and get the info to you. He wrote the
song when he was in New York City. He saw a bum outside of a fancy hotel,
then he saw a huge strawberry cake in the hotel and thought how that bum
could use it. So he put himself in the bum’s shoes and wrote the song about
stealing the strawberry cake. It has a good touch of humor to it, but
speaks loudly about the situation as well. It’s sung to the tune of
Strawberry Roan.

Thanks for honoring such an awesome man, and keeping his legacy alive.
Theresa Moniot

Terry, I attended your concert on Mar 19 at Treasure Island Casino. I really enjoyed the concert. I was lucky enough to see Johnny Cash perform live three times. I will never forget it. I was happy that you played straight thru no intermission. I spoke with you on the casino floor after the concert. Are you planning on returning to this area? A great show. Everyone with us said it was the best.

Hi Terry. I’m from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and every year I get invited to Bay Mills New Years Eve performances. I am a Johnny Cash fan from the days of I walk The Line and you put on a show that was so realistic it was hard to believe. Although you do resemble Cash I had my eyes closed and He was really there. Thank you so much for keeping the Cash legend alive and well. An excellent performance. Take care, and may this whole year and many more to come be good to you and your family.
Just wanted to let you know that my girlfriend and I caught your show at the Agora with David Allan Coe and I was quite simply blown away. I am not a country guy. I listen to a lot of different music, mostly a lot of death metal and older industrial music, but over the last year or two I have really been getting into a lot of country, Willie, Merle, DAC, and esp. Johnny Cash. When you came out on stage, the first thing I told my girlfriend Jean is “man, this guy sure looks a whole lot like Johnny Cash!” and she agreed. Then you announced a few songs later that you were going to do a Johnny Cash set… I wish you could have seen the look on my face… I was ecstatic! The Cash show you did was phenomenal. im only 22, so I never had the opportunity to see him myself, but I feel that I have gotten as close as anyone can after that night.

None of this is meant to detract from your amazing solo music too. I’ve been singing “Blame it on Hank” since the concert. I’ve been listening to your internet radio station all day, and you know, sometimes I hear some Cash tunes and I forget that its you singing them.

I would have emailed you earlier, but I kept looking up your name on the internet as Terry Lee Goffey… because that is how the show was promoted. I was getting really mad that I couldn’t get any of your tunes, but I ordered “Blame it on Hank” today, and I can’t wait to get it. As soon as the holidays are over I am going to get one of your shirts too, I just need to finish my shopping first.

I have a question or two for you too.

Do you have any hints for learning to play country guitar? I’ve been playing and working on music for years, but it has always been heavy metal, and I am having trouble getting into that “country zone.” I don’t have anyone around to help me out, so if you could even toss me a hint I would really appreciate it. I”m not that great of a guitarist, Ill be the first to admit that, I more or less screw around and help my friends write music.

Thanks a lot… and if anything I will be seeing you as soon as possible at the next show I can make it too. Like I said, I live in Ohio, in Hiram.. out by Aurora… so I am sure Ill be seeing a show soon. Thanks for the great music!


Hi, i attented a concert last saturday in cleveland, where you opened for Dave Coe. I would just like to complement you on a kickass show,
I’ll be buying your album soon.
Nick Bailey

Hi Terry Lee, Hi Kay,

A quick howdy and g’day comin’ at ya from the land downunder – hope this note finds you both well and having a happy day.

Just wanted to let you know that I have received your CD titled:


As always, thank you and it is just great, I love it – but then, when don’t I simply love everything you do, and have done so for years.
I will be sure to give it some airplay on my program.

Hope everything is going just great in your world of country music.

Bye for now, take care and have a really good weekend. Cheers.


i just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for a wonderful show last night at the Cleveland agora. i bought two of your cd’s and you were kind enough to sign both of them. you might remember me –mike roby i was wearing the cowboy hat and i talked to you for about 10 minutes sorry i was so drunk but while hearing you perform i couldn’t stop drinking!! you really are talented and the tribute you did for jonny cash was priceless!. i couldn’t believe it when you told me that you live in Wellington! thats only about 10 minutes away from where i live.. i live in wakeman. yeah wakeman the one red light town lol. i also had a question is that song that you sang about “bogarting the joint” available to buy on one of your cd’s i loved that song!! also i’d still love it if you could e- mail me the picture of me and you together that was on your picture phone my e-mail address is–buddrinkerroby@ that would really make my day! hell you already made my day last night! anyway thanks for one hell of a show last night and i’ll be sure to see you again sometime down the road . untill then thanks. your fan….
mike roby.
This note is to a fan. All of our fans are wonderful and we do appreciate all of you, however we want to pay a special thank you to Mary A. You know why and words are not enough to say how much we appreciate you.
Terry Lee & Kay

Terry & Kay….

Just a short note to let you know how much we enjoyed the CD party this last Sunday! A fun time was had by all. Although we can honestly say, that each and every time we have seen one of Terry’s shows we have never been disappointed. (and we have been to a bunch) We always come away wanting more. Terry always gives his all and is so warm when interacting with the crowd, And Kay always has a sweet smile and a hug along with our many questions answered. Mike wore his “Blame it on Hank” T-shirt to school today. He was approached by a few young kids asking about it. He’s taking the CD to school. Also a few asked if he listened to WOBL as they do. I thought that was nice to know you have a younger listening audience as well!

I just love the new CD and have been be-bopping all over the house all day (there’s a visual)

there is not any one track that I don’t like. Have to mention the Website as well it’s a great place for us to find out where Terry is going to be and any news that we need to know. The pics’ are great, would love to see more.

I hope that “Blame it on Hank” is a major success for you! You deserve it!!!!

One of the “Goffee Groupies”

Kimberly Myers

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Oberlin show. My friend and I were amazed at how great the show was. Johnny Cash has always been special to my family. When my grandfather had his first heart attack my Mom sent Mr.. cash a letter telling him what a huge fan my grandfather was. Well, shortly thereafter a hand written letter showed up from Johnny. It ran in the Lorain Morning Journal and was always very dear to my grandfather. The original letter was buried with him in 1989, when I was only 19. At the next Train of Love show anywhere nearby I will have a group of probably at least 10-15 people.

I really appreciate the insight into the man that brought my grandfather so much joy in his life.

Thank you,
George Shildwachter

Just wondering when you and your band are headed back to the Milwaukee area?
I saw your show at Potowatomi casino and thought it was great! As close as I could get to seeing Johnny live (regretably I never saw him perform). I was hesitant about going to the show but my friend and I decided to check it out (we were the rowdy guys in the front row, offering you up the beers! hehe), my hesitation about going to see you perform was completely unfounded, you sounded GREAT, looked GREAT, and had the place rockin! Can’t wait to see you perform again!

Hi Terry, I went to your concert because I love Johnny Cash and wanted to hear some live Cash music, my expectations were low, they shouldn’t have been, I was blown away by it.
You are not a Johnny Cash impersonator. You are a great singer, a great musician, a person filled with life who has embodied for himself that which has moved him.

I live in London in the UK and get to go to some great concerts and I’m spoiled for choice. I was more entertained and inspired by an evening with you and your band than I can ever remember, probably Springsteen loved what he was doing as much as you.
Thank you for a truly great evening, it will remain memorable.
I hope you will come to Wilmington next summer and maybe when I finish building my new house here, you could add an evening to your visit to play for us.
Many thanks to you and your band,
Warmest regards Terry Cooper (Vermont)