Story behind the song “I Walk Alone”

Marty Stuart

I called Johnny Cash J.R….
that’s what his Mama called him. He was J.R. to me.
Anytime that I start missing Johnny Cash I play his music,
read his books, look at pictures,or watch films of him and the band.
Johnny Cash is everywhere. A part of the atmosphere.Like the wind, the rain.
J.R. is a different story. He was the man behind the myth.
The country boy from Arkansas. He was my friend.

One day I was missing him a little extra
so I wrote a song entitled “I Walk Alone”,
a tune that I was pretty sure he would have liked
and probably recorded in his Memphis days.
I sang it to myself and my band a time or two
and then put it away until I met Terry Lee Goffee.
I totally enjoyed his concert and I appreciate the
care and attention that he’s putting into keeping J.R.’s music alive.
After watching Terry work I knew that
“I Walk Alone” belonged to him.
He’s a troubadour and a pilgrim.
A member in good standing of the Black Coat Society.
Stay close to the edge Terry. It’s warmer there.
Your Friend,
Marty Stuart

Marty Stuart2
Marty Stuart On Our Bus Playing Terry’s Johnny Cash Commemorative Guitar
Marty Gave Terry A Song He Wrote About Johnny
Terry Will Be Including The Song In His Shows
Thank You Marty!