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“Train of Love” Attended By Johnny’s Family Members and Business Associates


Terry Lee Goffee
The Ultimate Johnny Cash Tribute
The Show Attended By Johnny’s Family Members
and Business Associates

Tommy Cash said,
“The show is great,
my brother would be proud”

Joanne Cash Yates said
“It’s a wonderful show, I would recommend it to anyone,
you don’t impersonate my brother,
you pay tribute with honor.”

Joanne and Tommy
came on stage and
sang a song with Terry
during the performances.

Johnny’s booking agent
(Bonnie Sugarman)
of 30 years and
his manager Lou Robin also attended.

Sugarman said
“Terry had it down, the moves,
the sound, the look, everything”.


Story behind the song “I Walk Alone”

Marty Stuart

I called Johnny Cash J.R….
that’s what his Mama called him. He was J.R. to me.
Anytime that I start missing Johnny Cash I play his music,
read his books, look at pictures,or watch films of him and the band.
Johnny Cash is everywhere. A part of the atmosphere.Like the wind, the rain.
J.R. is a different story. He was the man behind the myth.
The country boy from Arkansas. He was my friend.

One day I was missing him a little extra
so I wrote a song entitled “I Walk Alone”,
a tune that I was pretty sure he would have liked
and probably recorded in his Memphis days.
I sang it to myself and my band a time or two
and then put it away until I met Terry Lee Goffee.
I totally enjoyed his concert and I appreciate the
care and attention that he’s putting into keeping J.R.’s music alive.
After watching Terry work I knew that
“I Walk Alone” belonged to him.
He’s a troubadour and a pilgrim.
A member in good standing of the Black Coat Society.
Stay close to the edge Terry. It’s warmer there.
Your Friend,
Marty Stuart

Marty Stuart2
Marty Stuart On Our Bus Playing Terry’s Johnny Cash Commemorative Guitar
Marty Gave Terry A Song He Wrote About Johnny
Terry Will Be Including The Song In His Shows
Thank You Marty!

Sheboygan Police Department Praises “Train of Love”

agora 11

Dear Terry Lee and Band (& Kay)
First of all, thank you for the incredible show Friday night!
I could not have been more pleased with the quality
of your tribute to Johnny Cash!
It was our best show ever! In addition, we more than
doubled the attendance of our previous shows.
You and your band members are not
only remarkable musicians, but wonderful people!
I had countless people come up to me after the show and stated
that they LOVED the show and had a wonderful time at the concert.
One woman told me that she had seen Johnny
Cash in concert and actually enjoyed your show more.
I would HIGHLY recommend your tribute to anyone and any organization.
To someone who is considering this show…..believe me, you will not be disappointed.
Thank you again for sharing your talents with us! May God Bless you always!
Respectfully, Sgt. Brad Riddiough
Sheboygan Police Department

The Ghost of Johnny Cash


Last Saturday night, I met the Ghost of Johnny Cash.
I saw him singing and playing on the Park
Amphitheater stage up in beautiful Altadena, California.
I even shook Johnny’s hand, but mostly I heard the
Ghost of Johnny Cash…. His voice is stronger now,
it must be all that pure water they have up in heaven.
It is reassuring to know that The Man in White lets
The Man in Black still perform gigs for the people.
The Man in Black and The Man in White are not alone,
they have a faithful servant in the person of
Terry Lee Goffee to do most of the heavy lifting.
Terry is a big man who seems to do the near impossible without effort.
He brings Johnny Cash back to life for two hours a night all over the country.

I’m here to tell you, I have seen the light… Cash Lives!

Martin CEO presents Special Edition Guitar

Terry Touring C.F. Martin Guitar Martin CEO presenting Guitar

Chris Thomas Of CF Martin Co.
Presenting Terry with his just finished (#28)
Johnny Cash Commemorative D-35
(It is our understanding that the first 27 went to the Cash family)
Chris Thomas and Terry Lee Artist Relations and Publicity
The Martin Guitar Co.

Postal Service releases stamp honoring Cash’s legacy

From The Tennessean News

Cash tribute performer Terry Lee Goffee made the trip from Wellington, Ohio, with his wife and business manager, Kay Goffee. Goffee, who has been touring the U.S., Canada, England and Ireland singing Cash songs for over a decade, says Cash’s music is more popular than ever.
“There’s just an honesty about his songs,” he said. “He basically sang America’s story.”
Terry with John Carter Cash


Terry with Joanne Cash Yates